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Insights How a career with AtkinsRéalis will empower you to make a difference

In a report from Workhuman and Gallup, employee fulfilment had a hand in reduced levels of burnout, better mental and physical health, higher levels of belonging, and an increased feeling of thriving. A fulfilling career gives you a sense of purpose and accomplishment. This is why it is crucial to find a career that aligns with your interests and values.

At AtkinsRéalis, we empower our colleagues to make a difference and build fulfilling careers. How? Through creating meaningful change through their work in the communities we serve all around the world.

You’ll directly contribute to global projects that tackle today’s most pressing challenges - from population growth to increasing transportation needs, and climate change. Learn why AtkinsRéalis is an ideal career destination for you if you are passionate about making a difference.

Our values and culture

Our purpose is to engineer a better future for our planet and its people and we do this by connecting people, data and technology. With offices across the globe, there’s one thing you’ll find in common wherever you may be - our values and culture.

Our values are the essence of our company’s identity. They guide us in the way we act, speak, work and behave together.

  • Safety - safeguarding our people, assets, and environment
  • Integrity - doing the right thing and being accountable
  • Innovation - thinking boldly, proudly, and differently
  • Collaboration - embracing each other’s unique contributions to deliver amazing results

These values play a key part in the success of every project we undertake, enabling us to handle major developments and interact with various communities, businesses, governments and other stakeholders.

We are proud to offer a positive work environment where you are surrounded by diverse people who will support you in achieving your goals, feeling valued, and respected. We're removing barriers in every region and at every level – through inclusivity and accessibility.

Professional development

At every stage of your career, we have the right support and training to help you learn and acquire what you need to succeed. We’ve fostered a continuous learning environment where you’ll learn and develop skills and knowledge to flourish personally and professionally.

If you have a career destination in mind, that isn’t the path you are currently on, we can guide you through this transition and make it a smooth one.

Our Rolling Stock Consultant Shahrzad Akbarzadeh Pooladi, who graduated from the University of Sydney, says, "AtkinsRéalis provided me the opportunity to learn and enhance my skills as a rail engineer and facilitated my desired career progression by placing me in the right projects and connecting me with the right people.”

We also offer training programmes to all of our colleagues - whether you are looking to become an expert on a subject or just want to pick up a new skill. Here’s what Kenzie Kelterborn, Director of Bids & Proposals, Nuclear, based in Ontario, Canada had to say:

“AtkinsRéalis is a company that invests in their people, makes valuable training available (including stretch assignments), and is large enough for professionals to create their own career paths.

Through training and exposure to new areas of the business, I was able to invest in my development and gained the ability to create my own path within a larger ecosystem. A lot of the roles I have had didn’t exist before I paved the way.”

Impactful projects

Our projects in Canada are designed to connect people and we're proud of the work we deliver because of the marked difference they make to the communities we work in.

  • The Canada Line - At 19 km, this makes The Canada Line the largest fully automated commuter rail network in the world. This project connected downtown Vancouver with existing heavy rail lines, bus services, commuter rail, sea bus and the airport - improving mobility for people in the area.
  • The Brun-way highway - The construction of a 98km stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway in New Brunswick was a monumental project that showcased the incredible power of public-private partnerships. In just 27 months, a team of over 1,100 construction workers and a dozen engineering firms collaborated to create one of the most modern highways in the world. Thanks to innovative financing and technology, the project was delivered on time, on budget, and with no claims.
  • The New Samuel de Champlain Bridge – This visually stunning cable-stayed bridge serves as a vital link between Canada and the US. With 50 million vehicles crossing annually, it is one of North America's busiest spans, playing a significant role in connecting people and boosting local and international economies. This impressive piece of infrastructure is a testament to the power of engineering to create enduring and impactful structures that benefit society for decades to come.

Start your AtkinsRéalis journey today

Our success is due to the hard work and dedication of our worldwide team of experts. We recognize that fulfilled and happy colleagues contribute to our success as well as their own.

To help you get the most out of life in and outside of work, we offer employees ‘Total Reward’. This is a package that can be tailored to your changing lifestyle, career and personal needs. You'll enjoy benefits such as leadership training, professional accreditations, and career planning for any stage of your career. Learn about AtkinsRéalis in Canada and make a difference today.