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Insights How the Green Riyadh Project will transform Saudi into a more sustainable city

What is the Green Riyadh Project? 

Launched in 2019, the Green Riyadh Project aims to position Riyadh among the world’s top 100 most sustainable and livable cities and contribute to the broader Vision 2030 objectives

This is one of the many mega projects launched by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz. Other mega projects include The Red Sea, NEOM, AlUla, and King Salman Park. With these mega projects in full swing, the Green Riyadh Project will open up job opportunities for people in and outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

With The AtkinsRéalis Group, including Atkins and Faithful+Gould, growing presence in the Middle East, we are in a strong position to lead the way towards a more sustainable future. We create bright futures for communities through the cities we develop which aligns nicely with Saudi’s Vision 2030. 

What are the project objectives? 

The Kingdom is set to invest $11 billion over the next 10 years with the hopes of achieving these three key objectives: 

Objective 1 

Increasing the green space per capita from 1.7 to 28 m², equivalent to 16 times the current level. 

Objective 2 

Increasing the total green coverage in the city from 1.5% to 9%. This will be achieved by planting 7.5 million trees and creating new green spaces in Riyadh and its surroundings. 

Objective 3 

Increasing the quantity of recycled water utilized across the city daily from 90,000 m³ to over 1.7 million m³. 

At AtkinsRéalis , we work across seven core markets around the world with a focus on connecting people, technology and data to deliver outstanding project outcomes for our clients on time and on budget. 

Five of these markets are Buildings and Places, Transportation, Water, Power & Renewables and Nuclear. This means we have the expertise to contribute to achieving these three core objectives. 

Do you want to contribute to these objectives? We have a range of roles waiting for you so you can unlock a meaningful career with AtkinsRéalis in Saudi Arabia. Whether you are interested in being a Sustainability Consultant, Environmental Consultant, Process Engineer or our other exciting roles - there is something for you. 

Initiatives that will transform Saudi into a more sustainable and livable city 

Expanding green spaces 

One of the main initiatives is expanding green spaces with the aim of improving air quality and providing recreational areas for residents. 7.5 million trees will be planted across Riyadh city in…

  • 3,330 neighbourhood gardens, 
  • 43 parks, 
  • 9,000 mosques, 
  • 6,000 schools, 
  • 64 universities, 
  • 390 healthcare facilities
  • and 1,670 public facilities. 

Trees will also line 16,400 kilometres of streets and roads, 2,000 car parking sites, 1,100 kilometres of green belts including utility lines (pylons, oil pipelines, etc.), 175,000 plots of empty land and 272 kilometres of valleys. 

Promoting Sustainable Practices

The project aims to encourage sustainable practices among residents. These practices include promoting water conservation, recycling, and raising awareness about the environment. 

There will also be a key focus on restoring Riyadh’s natural ecosystems in an effort to protect biodiversity and reintroduce native species back into the area.

Ensuring we meet the global deadline to be Net Zero by 2050 is everyone’s responsibility and our Sustainable Project Managers are leading the way in transforming our society for future generations. 

As one of our Sustainable Project Managers, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that resources are used responsibly, people are treated equally and paid a fair wage, and communities are factored into decisions. 

Make a difference in Saudi Arabia with AtkinsRéalis jobs 

We strive to create a positive impact on the communities and the planet and sustainability is at the core of all the decisions we make - big or small. Bring your expertise to our global projects and address climate change and promote long-term sustainability through meaningful and rewarding work. 

Contribute to a Greener Riyadh with AtkinsRéalis today