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Insights AtkinsRéalis Academia: Empowering Futures

Introducing ‘AtkinsRéalis Academia - Building Bridges’ Programme - This time it’s not the typical endeavour of constructing bridges but a pursuit to providing equitable access to education and employment opportunities to everyone.

What began as an idea to nurture talents facing limited access, over time gained momentum and flourished into a dynamic programme with various developmental phases - identifying colleges with relevant courses, cultivating the desired talent pool, having leaders and teams from Project Management and BIM meticulously curating training courses and planning regular training interventions. The strategic planning of regular training interventions, calendarizing training sessions, and implementing periodic assessments have been integral to the program's success.

As the initiative gained momentum, more individuals invested their time rallying in support. The fruits of these collective efforts became evident when over 25 students emerged industry-ready and competent to embark on their professional journeys. Recognizing their excellence, they were honoured with the ‘AtkinsRealis Certificate of Excellence’ and the opportunity to commence their work.

The culmination of these efforts was a poignant moment at our Bengaluru office, where the emotions ran high, encapsulating the dedication of all involved. This success story is not confined to professional achievements alone; it has significantly impacted various personal facets as well.

team sitting around lunch table

An interactive session with James Cullens - Executive Vice-President, Human Resources

After two years of unwavering commitment, the success of the 'AtkinsRealis Academia - Building Bridges' Programme has sparked interest from more businesses in India, keen to integrate the exceptional talent fostered by our program into their teams. A few testimonials from our incumbents:

"I had two paths ahead– taking up an Engineering course or a job. I confidently chose the job, eventually balancing both distance education and work, gaining confidence over the year. Today, I am pursuing my Bachelor of Engineering and I am thankful to AtkinsRéalis for providing me with all the opportunities." - Sona

"I am delighted to begin my career with AtkinsRéalis, India. I am filled with gratitude as I think back about the past years’ experience that has molded me to be a better person – personally & professionally.”- Zoya

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