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Insights AtkinsRéalis: Here's how the global teams rate us!

The 2023 VOX Survey Results are in! And they paint a picture of a workplace where inclusivity and collaboration are not just words but lived experiences. Across our global teams, AtkinsRéalis is making strides. We have a 90% positive Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) index with improvements in teamwork and knowledge sharing. Every voice, every thought is valued and integral to our continuous evolution. Together, we're shaping a space where everyone can thrive and make the extraordinary a reality.

"Employee engagement surveys provide insights about our employees and their relationship with our organization. By listening to our employees' feedback, we can identify what's working well and key areas to focus on to improve our employee experience around the world." —James Cullens, Executive Vice President, Human Resources

We're really boosting inclusion.

90% of our team now feels recognized and valued, a clear uptick from previous years. We don't just talk about fairness, respect, and equal opportunity. Working together, we make them lived experiences for our diverse workforce. Our improved scores aren't just a step ahead from last year but a giant leap beyond industry benchmarks.

"Our employee resource groups raise awareness of how diverse our community is, ensuring we feel safe celebrating who we are... we're always learning and understanding each other's varied cultures, struggles, and successes, instead of just making biased assumptions." —Michelle, Quantity Surveyor

Flexible working is working.

Our people have spoken, saying our focus on flexibility and employee experience makes a difference. 96% of employees feel empowered to organize their work in a way that suits them best. Digital transformation has further enabled this, with 84% of our team reporting it helps them work more efficiently. Alongside flexible and hybrid working, 93% of our team feel engaged and encouraged to share new ideas.

"As an apprentice, flexible working helps me strike the right balance of work, learning, and personal time. I particularly like the flexible holiday scheme that allows me to buy and sell days of annual leave!" —Joe, Apprentice Consultant

We've got each other's backs.

At AtkinsRéalis, we're more than just colleagues – we're a supportive community. 90% of us are proud to work here, and 91% would recommend us as a top employer. Our focus on physical and mental wellbeing isn't just a policy—it's a practice that 96% of our team can vouch for. When times get tough, 94% know they can count on their colleagues for support.

"Most mums in our Facebook autoimmune neutropenia support group have had to give up work... in contrast, AtkinsRéalis has adapted a role for me around my big and unexpected life change... I'm so glad I can still work to make a difference." —Claire, Engineering Net Zero

Boosting your career progression.

At AtkinsRéalis, career support is a given. 75% of our team feel supported to reach their full potential. Nearly as many see exciting paths ahead in their careers, backed by regular feedback from their line managers. We welcome over a thousand new talents annually, including graduates and apprentices—and every employee, new or senior, is set up to grow and succeed.

Proud of our progress, but there's more to do!

More than 80% of us feel things are running efficiently, but cutting through red tape is still a work in progress. 67% of the team is inspired by our purpose to "Engineer a Better Future for our Planet and its People," we're committed to amplifying this to ignite our collective brilliance even more. Our "Be Involved to Evolve" initiative is all hands on deck to make the way we work smoother and more enjoyable for everyone at AtkinsRéalis.

You can make a real difference here.

At AtkinsRéalis, your opinions and perspectives are welcome, and the whole team is dedicated to lifting you up. We're not just designing, planning, and building projects but engineering a workplace where you can genuinely thrive while making a tangible positive impact.

Ready to join a supportive, inclusive, and innovative team? Browse these live roles to be part of our future.