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Insights 7 reasons mechanical engineers won't leave AtkinsRéalis

Hello, I'm Ben, Mechanical Team Lead in the Decommissioning & Waste Services team. My journey at AtkinsRéalis, from a graduate to a team lead, has been inspired by my belief that we can "engineer a better future." The nuclear industry is still evolving, learning to adopt best practices from other sectors in project delivery and safety management. There's potential for significant improvements like quicker design and build, safer waste handling, and more efficient waste storage—all contributing to a legacy that will benefit future generations.

As part of our #MakeItBrilliant blog series, I've reflected on why I've remained with AtkinsRéalis for over 8.5 years and not looked for opportunities with competitors, clients, or in another industry. Here are the "7 Reasons I Stay Inside AtkinsRéalis:"

1. I feel that my voice is heard

I have always felt supported and that my voice will be heard. This has given me the confidence to request training, go after varied opportunities, and raise concerns I have had. These have always been met with open conversation and, almost all of the time, resulted in a positive outcome that I was happy with.

How do you #MakeItBrilliant?

I ensure every voice in my team can be heard: core values are maintained, issues aired, improvements discussed, and every out-of-the-box idea considered."
Photo of Ben smiling towards the camera

2. I'm supported by my leaders and team

There has always been an emphasis on developing strong line manager and direct report connections. This emphasizes my earlier points about being supported to pursue different opportunities and make requests (training, project work, etc.) while feeling that you are genuinely being listened to and can have productive conversations to plan the best course(s) of action.

3. I'm surrounded by great, talented people

I find that a lot of my colleagues are like-minded when considering working morals and supporting one another. Terms such as working friendships, family feel, and people first are all things that I think are true and/or symbolize some of the core elements of working here.

4. I enjoy competitive benefits

In the past few years, I feel that the salary in Decommissioning & Waste Services Engineering has been assessed, and strong efforts have been made to make the pay much more competitive. Working at AtkinsRéalis, I also enjoy rewards I can tailor to my life, like cycle-to-work and wellness programs, unlimited learning, flexible working, and even international working options!

5. I have unparalleled opportunities for my career

The variety of work has been excellent. It is true that some projects I have worked on have lasted 5+ years. But, these have always had varied tasks within, and I have been afforded the flexibility to work on two or more projects simultaneously to allow my days to stay varied and interesting.

Some mechanical engineers will be surprised at the breadth of skills needed and the skills we develop to deliver our projects. So, there is always the opportunity and willingness to support anyone who wishes to specialize in a specific area of knowledge/skill. Our teams are made up of individuals who take their hand in a range of challenges.

How do you #MakeItBrilliant?

"I encourage everyone to embrace and use technological innovations to deliver work more efficiently and provide more value for our teams and clients. This includes using 3D laser scanning, robotics, virtual reality headsets, rapid prototyping, etc. as standard delivery methods, where appropriate."

6. I enjoy unique, end-to-end expertise in decommissioning.

We deliver work from study to on-site operation and then dismantling and decommissioning, largely focusing on mechanical handling and machinery design. This includes mechanical calculations, UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) marking, mechanical-biased project engineering, 3D modeling, analysis, safety management, operations & maintenance planning, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), design development using rapid prototyping, detailed design using 3D laser scanning, drawing production, model-based definition, and the list goes on.

"Working in nuclear means planning and bettering the future for all. It means focusing on the energy demands we need to thrive as communities, countries, and globally across all phases of nuclear, including the safe waste management and decommissioning."
—Ben, Mechanical Team Lead, Decommissioning & Waste Services

7. My team is growing and diversifying.

The Decommissioning & Waste Services team is faced with the exciting challenge of meeting more and more client and industry requirements for UKCA Marked products, machinery, and systems. We're actively developing our capabilities in this area, recognizing its importance and potential for future career growth.

We're also expanding our capabilities in different areas of mechanical engineering, e.g., piping, building services, process, and pressure vessels. This provides engineering challenges and opportunities to lead the growth and development of these capabilities and shape their future in my team.

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