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Equality, diversity & inclusion

Different makes a difference

We already speak over 70 languages, represent 130 nationalities across six continents, and we're making great strides in the inclusiveness of our workforce. These differences are one of our greatest strengths – and key to understanding the needs of our clients worldwide.

Yet, our ambition goes much further. As signatory to the UN Global Compact, we’re working hard to put its principles at the heart of our strategy, culture and day-to-day operations. These principles include:

  • Increasing diversity and inclusion
  • Creating social value and community benefits
  • Protecting human rights

That's why we've developed a new global ED&I program – central to our Sustainable Business Strategy. Not just for our clients’ benefit, or even our people’s benefit. But for the benefit of our communities across the world.

Different makes a difference

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Different makes a difference

Quantitative Targets:

Accountability: Quantitative Targets:


Commitment from the Board to maintain at least this minimum female representation


Female representation among executives by 2025


Female representation in managers and senior professionals by 2025


Female representation in all staff by 2025

Qualitative targets:

These ambitions provide strategic direction for all our Employee Resource Groups and Regional Business Networks, which are empowered to set meaningful targets tailored to their local values and communities.

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Provide support to local or national diversity groups
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Annual improvement in employee engagement

Our program: Weaving ED&I into everything we do

Every day, we’re striving to be more inclusive, more collaborative and more innovative in how we drive change.

Externally, this means making a positive impact on society through more inclusive and accessible design – being sensitive to human differences with respect to ability, language, culture, gender, age and other forms of diversity. And it means using our global voice to champion progress through thought leadership.

Internally, we're removing barriers in every region and at every level – spearheading change through trusted and inclusive leaders, increasing female representation across our whole organization, and broadening our talent pipeline to include all under-represented groups. This is supported by ground-breaking learning opportunities that unleash potential – giving our clients world-leading expertise.

To find out more click here to view our regional ED&I pages.

text:When we unite, we all feel included and by combining our differences we truly make a difference.

How we're making an impact

Tangible results and transparent reporting

We know that success will only be judged on results - not targets. That's why our work is informed by employee experiences and accredited by renowned regional and international ED&I partners.

To help us stay accountable, we evaluate our progress annually - combining deep data with far-reaching surveys across the business. We'll continue to make this information freely and clearly available for all stakeholders and employees.

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An overview of female representation globally across our organisation

22.4% Female representation among executives in 2022

22.1% Female representation in managers and senior professionals in 2022

31.1% Female representation in managers and senior professionals in 2022

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Recruitment activity in support of achieving our representation goals for 2025

33.3% Percentage of female executives recruited in year

21.0% Percentage of female managers and senior professionals recruited in year

31.2% Percentage of females recruited in year

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Promotion activity in support of achieving our representation goals for 2025

37.0% Percentage of female executives promoted in year

28.5% Percentage of female managers and senior professionals promoted in year

35.4% Percentage of females promoted in year

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