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Insights A decade's journey of success: Li Wenqing

Meet Selena: In Shanghai, Selena, aka Li Wenqing, is the powerhouse behind our Industrial Asia team. With over 10 years of dedication, she's the Senior Business Development Manager, elevating the company's presence in Mainland China and the Asia Pacific. Join us as we celebrate Selena's journey of innovation and success.

Photo of Selena smiling towards the camera

How has AtkinsRéalis shaped your career journey?

When I first joined, I was young and inexperienced, just starting my career. Choosing to work for a prestigious global organization like AtkinsRéalis opened international horizons and connected me with seasoned professionals here. Surrounded by them, I've had the opportunity to explore and develop professionally to a great extent. Reflecting on my journey from where I started to now, I can see remarkable growth and transformation.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I love the opportunity to learn something new every single day, to constantly absorb fresh knowledge. Starting as a Business Development Assistant, my focus was primarily paperwork. However, over the years, I've significantly broadened my skills and expertise. This journey has been one of continuous growth, discovery , always looking upward.

What’s your secret to approaching clients successfully and sealing the deal?

My secret to successfully approaching clients and sealing deals lies in building strong, trusting relationships by understanding their unique needs and objectives. I identify potential opportunities that align with their goals and tailor our offerings to provide maximum value. When a project arises, I lead the bid process, coordinating internal and external resources and overseeing contract negotiations to secure favorable terms. My focus on clear communication, attention to detail, and fostering collaboration ensures successful project outcomes and business growth. This approach drives both client satisfaction and long-term success.

And what’s kept you motivated all these 10 years?

The incredible people I work with. Collaborating with dedicated professionals inspires, motivates, and supports me daily. This collaboration is key to achieving personal goals, fulfilling company values, and benefiting our planet and its people. Working here aligns perfectly with my professional aspirations and passion, making my journey both challenging and rewarding. The company's culture of openness and directness empowers individuals to voice their opinions and take decisive action. This collaborative and team-oriented approach has been instrumental in overcoming challenges and achieving success. Reflecting on the last decade, it’s the people and the culture that have fueled my motivation and commitment.

What has been instrumental to your professional development?

Several key factors- Exposure to various market sectors has sharpened my business development skills and adaptability to market changes. Additionally, handling contract negotiations has provided valuable insights from our legal and commercial teams, enabling me to secure favorable terms. Also, engaging with a diverse range of clients has enhanced my understanding of different business approaches and kept my work dynamic and interesting. All these have made me a better professional.

Are there any initiatives you've led to promote equality and inclusion at AtkinsRéalis?

As the ED&I Representative for Mainland China at AtkinsRéalis, I have actively promoted equality and inclusion. I am a strong advocate for creating an environment where everyone feels valued, regardless of gender, nationality, religion, or background. By facilitating the exchange of ideas and insights, we have broadened our horizons and fostered a culture of empowerment and respect. Leading these initiatives has been a deeply satisfying experience, as it has allowed me to contribute to a workplace that celebrates diversity and inclusivity.

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