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Insights Taza: an Indigenous development on a whole different scale

Have you stopped to think about the impact construction professionals have on communities? At AtkinsRéalis , we think about our impact daily, and we take great interest in seeing how others are striving to build a better world. Naturally, the landmark development Taza caught our attention.

For far too long, corporations have claimed to speak for Indigenous groups in Canada and decide what’s best for them. AtkinsRéalis wants to do things differently, and that's why we work directly with Indigenous people and follow their lead on a variety of projects.

One of the most exciting projects currently underway is the Taza Development in the Canadian province of Alberta, just outside Calgary. The project has been in the planning stages for decades, designed by the Tsuut’ina First Nation.

This massive retail park is located on 1200 acres of Tsuut’ina land and will include three development villages - Taza Park, Taza Crossing, and Taza Exchange. The project has already begun, and the first round of tenants, including Metro Ford and Big 4 Motors, is scheduled to move in this year. In the future, a pedestrian-focused Market Street will feature shopping, dining, and community activities.

The Alberta Provincial Government estimates the value of this massive project at $4.5 billion CAD. It's an exciting opportunity with plenty of construction management jobs for the suitable candidates.

Following the lead of Indigenous leaders

It’s important to listen to Indigenous groups and respect their ancestral knowledge. That’s why AtkinsRéalis taps into their valuable knowledge to fight climate change, which benefits everyone. Elders in Indigenous nations are considered knowledge keepers and have many generations of vital information to pass down.

Simply put, they know what works. Their environmental stewardship skills and knowledge about the natural world and its cycles can save organizations a lot of trial and error. As such, they should be treated as leaders on every project in Canada and the United States.

AtkinsRéalis believes that First Nations groups should also be offered lucrative opportunities, especially on projects that utilize their ancestral land. In addition to closely following the progress of projects like Taza, AtkinsRéalis engages in Indigenous partnerships to engage the local labor force. We believe in building relationships with local Indigenous communities, buying raw materials from First Nations companies, and helping young people launch successful careers in construction management.

This investment is paying off – across Canada, more Indigenous people are working in the construction industry than ever. In Manitoba, the percentage of First Nations people employed construction is as high as 16%, and there is a lot of promise for other provinces. With AtkinsRéalis ’s investment and initiatives, we’re working to promote more Indigenous people into positions of power, such as careers in construction management and project management.

Construction management careers with purpose

AtkinsRéalis is an organization with a purpose. The company cares about relationships with local communities and prioritizes​ positively impacting the world​. According to a recent poll, 47% of Canadian employees aged 18 to 34 stated that they would have more loyalty to their employer if they adopted a public stance on diversity and inclusion (D&I).

AtkinsRéalis is listening. As a leader in Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) in Canada, the company believes that project management careers can be rewarding and advantageous. Our stance on ED&I is a cornerstone of our corporate culture and something we are continuously evaluating.

There are many opportunities available for people who share our values. In addition to the Taza project, a lot is happening in Canada. For instance, the Canada Line extension in Vancouver is an exciting and challenging opportunity for the right project manager.

Are you interested in a career that has a positive impact on Indigenous communities and benefits people around the world? Now is the time to apply for roles in Canada or sign up to the talent community to be the first to hear about new opportunities.