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Insights 3 Simple Tips to Effectively Raise Your Visibility at Work

When Kitty Ho, Associate Director, first started with the Project and Programme Services team at AtkinsRéalis, she was glad to work with someone in senior leadership who looked like her. She realized how much she needed to experience that to know it was possible to get there. Here's Kitty's story and advice for positive self-promotion:

You Can't Be What You Can't See

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The quote 'you can't be what you can't see' really hit home for me. Since then, I've focused on making myself more visible in our organization and industry to inspire others and show underrepresented groups they can progress in construction and program management careers. To achieve this, I've had to do things outside of my comfort zone. These are my Top 3 Tips for Making Yourself More Visible:


Using my voice during National Inclusion Week Push yourself out of your comfort zone by getting involved in things you usually wouldn't. One year, some colleagues and I took over the AtkinsRéalis' Instagram stories during National Inclusion Week. I shared a little about myself and some of my experiences where I've been stereotyped. It was an eye-opener for many colleagues as they hadn't experienced stereotyping in the workplace, and it's not a topic I would usually drop into conversation or feel comfortable discussing.

Standing out with the Association of Project Management I contributed to APM's (Association of Project Management) project journal to share my experiences in the sector shifter feature of APM's Project Summer Edition magazine. Volunteering for this took me way out of my comfort zone because I generally try not to stand out too much, as I know I'm already different. But this was an excellent opportunity to share my learnings and pass on top tips for featuring on the front cover was a bonus. I don't often see others who look like me on the front covers of business magazines. So, I'm grateful to the publishers for using their platform to showcase diversity in our industry. This is evidence that you never know what opportunities will lead to.

Breaking the Bias for IWD In 2022, I volunteered for an International Women's Day campaign focusing on Breaking the Bias. I featured in a video where I shared a statistic found from the Career Deflection report that states bias has resulted in 70% of women leaving engineering in the last decade. I was initially shocked by the statistics, but after some thought, I started understanding why many women were going.

AtkinsRéalis understands how different people have different priorities Many organizations, such as AtkinsRéalis, are working to stop this from happening. By updating policies and progressing their equality, diversity, and inclusion strategies, they are working to attract and retain diverse talent. We are moving in the right direction to make the industry more inclusive.


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Grab any chance to take on roles where you can demonstrate your skills. Last year, I applied and was appointed regional Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion lead for Scotland and Ireland. I get to work closer with colleagues in the region and the UK to increase diversity and create a more inclusive culture and community. Since being appointed, I have worked with the regional senior leadership team to define success for the region. I’ve joined senior leadership meetings where I provide updates on ED+I, and the most rewarding part is directly giving others a broader platform and opportunities to raise their profile.


Be empowered to follow your interests. Support business initiatives that you are passionate about. This provides an excellent opportunity to work with colleagues you wouldn't necessarily have for your role. I have created a programme management career framework to support career progression, collaborating with our PMO (Project Management Office) controls professionals across the UK.

Surround yourself with talented, supportive colleagues And lastly, have a mentor or be a mentor, reverse mentor, or coach—I am all of these, and I have internal and external mentors. Not only is it beneficial for my development, but it is also a good way of getting to know others and gaining different perspectives.

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"Increasing my visibility helps me emulate the change I want to see, but ultimately, improving diversity and inclusion is everyone's responsibility."

Kitty Ho, Associate Director, Programme Management

I hope by sharing my experience and tips, I can encourage others who may not always feel represented and inspire at least one person to keep striving with their career in construction. Read more about how we promote equality, diversity, and inclusion inside AtkinsRéalis.

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