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Insights How everything I do at AtkinsRéalis delivers a better future

Hi, my name is Rula. I'm a Lead Planning Engineer at AtkinsRéalis in the Project & Programme Services team. My team prepares project plans and schedules: how and when work will be carried out for a project across our different teams. I use those schedules to track project progress and measure performance against a set agreed timeframe at the project's onset.

I'm proud of the impact my work has had.

It optimizes the delivery of projects. Some of our projects are pivotal in improving quality of life and providing sustainable solutions for pressing climate problems and energy sources. I make it possible to have a visual overview of how we'll carry out projects and track their progress, encouraging routes that can help speed up work, overcome obstacles and recover from setbacks.

Rula smiles towards the camera

What I've found in AtkinsRéalis

What I want from an employer is the chance to progress, an investment in my personal and professional development, and clear, guided pathways toward achieving my aspirations. I also value the flexibility to ensure a comfortable work-life balance.

The thing about collaboration? You never stop learning!

My journey with AtkinsRéalis has been marked by frequent engagement with various team members, presenting me with opportunities to be part of business progression discussions. We can also access numerous training prospects and communities from diverse industries. These help with insightful knowledge exchanges and problem-solving discussions.

Empowered to follow my career interests.

My career goals include leading the planning of complex projects and honing my skills in forensic planning. Being part of AtkinsRéalis, renowned for our significant projects across the country, I've had the opportunity to engage in any projects I'm eager to participate in and learn from!

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"I lived and went to University a few blocks from AtkinsRéalis' headquarters in Montreal and walked past their offices so many times! Little did I know I'd be part of the family one day!"

Rula El-Jorf

Thriving in a culture of ongoing progression.

AtkinsRéalis' advanced training in planning software has enhanced my knowledge, day-to-day scheduling and troubleshooting. The AtkinsRéalis mentorship program has taught me about project controls as an overall field. My mentor has been a guiding light, assisting me in my application for my professional chartership.

Making a digital difference

In adopting a flexible and agile approach, I've found that AtkinsRéalis' commitment to digital innovation remains progressive. This approach has given me broader exposure to various industries, projects, communities, and unique talents. Through these experiences, I continually expand my knowledge, inspire innovative problem-solving, and make a real difference to my clients, communities and the environment!

Magic of new beginnings, a.k.a. amazing support from my team!

Transitioning my family from Jordan to the UK wasn't merely a geographical shift – it meant weaving a fresh life tapestry. My colleagues at AtkinsRéalis stepped in as an incredible support system, assisting my family in settling into this new cultural landscape with warmth and understanding.

When I needed flexible working hours and reduced weekly commitment, my managers listened. They were happy to ensure that my project didn't involve frequent, long commutes and aligned my work hours to accommodate my childcare responsibilities. This approach enabled me to maintain a rewarding work-life balance while pursuing what's truly important to me.

Rula and her family pose together, smiling

I love our potential to deliver a better future.

At AtkinsRéalis, the culture is as diverse as it is supportive. This camaraderie means the company offers much more than just a work environment. This culture allowed me to immerse myself in a field I'm most passionate about – social value. Engaging with local communities grappling with serious youth challenges was one of the key reasons I joined AtkinsRéalis. I'm a proud member of the AtkinsRéalis family, working on numerous mentoring projects to make a wider impact.

Mentoring for lasting, personal transformation.

One such initiative I've engaged in that holds special meaning to me is a mentoring program organized by Envision. I had the privilege of supporting young students from a Secondary School in Bristol. This rewarding experience culminated in my AtkinsRéalis mentoring team winning the Mentor Team of the Year award – a truly validating accomplishment.

From September this year, I plan to contribute to the key4life program. Facilitated by the AtkinsRéalis social value team, this initiative will help young men aged 18 to 30 who are in prison or at risk of going to prison. It serves as a steppingstone for them to find jobs and shift their life trajectory away from crime, an endeavour I'm humbled to be part of!

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