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Insights Why your future is brighter with AtkinsRéalis

Tomorrow's challenges demand sustainable solutions that unite design excellence and advanced technology. They call for a talented team that doesn't just face these niche and mega challenges but actively and enthusiastically seeks them out. That's where our Design & Advanced Technology (D&AT) team comes in.  

Our Infrastructure Practice Virtual Careers Fair was on 20th September, but you haven't missed out! In this blog, we're spotlighting what it means to be a part of this incredible team in the words of D&AT Practice Director Keith Robson:

Photo of Keith wearing glasses in the Epsom office

Hi Keith, why is it a great time to join AtkinsRéalis? 

"Our team is growing! By joining us, you'll directly benefit from our investment in our people. With deep respect for every contribution, we'll support you to enhance your career skills with world-leading technical expertise and cutting-edge innovations in an agile, fast-paced environment. The challenges the UK and the world face today are unprecedented, but so are the opportunities – to make a difference, grow and develop, collaborate and innovate. And we're uniquely placed to make good on them with our diverse people, disciplines and sectors – not to mention our industry reputation. 

So, over the next two to 10 years, we'll be stepping up to meet our clients' and communities' needs. Whether it's leading the way on Energy Transition in the UK, helping our clients adapt to Net Zero, supporting water companies' programmes, or delivering for the defence market”.  

What opportunities are there in the Design & Advanced Technology team? 

"You'll be surrounded by inspiring colleagues who have led world-leading projects, including HS2, Sizewell and Hinkley, major airports, all the biggest water companies in the UK, and exciting overseas innovations! Many of our team members have experience across multiple sectors ranging from energy to defence, aviation, cities and development, water, and wastewater. 

We offer a variety of career paths, including technical specialists, project engineers, design managers, project managers, people managers, and blended careers. Alongside countless opportunities to diversify your career, our team provides immense room for growth. You'll receive mentorship from outstanding experts widely recognized as industry leaders". 

What would your top reasons be for joining the team? 

“I believe you'll be supported to learn and progress quicker with us, than any of our competitors” —Keith Robson 

The rate at which we intend to grow short-term means that our staff will receive accelerated training and development opportunities, helping them with career progression. In D&AT, you'll flourish working in an atmosphere that excites you and provides work that interests you. 

We operate in such a wide variety of disciplines you'll have the chance to try different things and find out the type of work you enjoy the most. We aim to provide fulfilling opportunities where every voice is valued and heard. We want you to be happy at work, performing at your best and encouraging fresh perspectives that enrich your career, our organization, stakeholders and end-users". 

What do you and your colleagues enjoy most about working at AtkinsRéalis? 

"We've cultivated a post-pandemic work/life culture where you're valued for being your whole self. We understand life's complexities and offer not just hybrid, but genuine flexible working to suit every team member's priorities. I'm proud to work for AtkinsRéalis. We do it all – from global projects and complex visions to grand scales and innovative solutions – with sustainability at the heart. Enjoy collaborating on complex infrastructure issues – mitigating environmental concerns, championing carbon reduction, and generating social value – while working in the digital realm with a fun-loving, unified team? Then AtkinsRéalis is for you.  

What I admire about everyone I work with is how we don't settle for the ordinary. We're the ones tackling the extraordinary challenges. That's why we're looking for exceptional individuals. If you dream of becoming a great engineer or infrastructure professional, we'll ensure you have the support and continuous learning to get there.  

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