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Insights Women engineers: excellence in Water and Environmental Engineering at AtkinsRéalis

Embarking on a journey into the heart of AtkinsRéalis India's Water and Environment department unveils a tapestry of excellence, innovation, and inspiring narratives. 

In this blog, we shine a spotlight on two remarkable women who stand as pillars of ingenuity within our diverse team. 

Join us as we delve into the extraordinary stories of these two trailblazing professionals who exemplify not only our commitment to engineering excellence but also the embodiment of our values at AtkinsRéalis India

The Water and Environmental team at AtkinsRéalis India 

AtkinsRéalis India, a vibrant and diverse arm of the Global Technology Centre, proudly serves as a well-established entity in the Water and Environment sector. 

Our consultancy services span across global regions, where our dynamic team of engineers, technicians, and modelers passionately tackle complex challenges to make a positive impact on society.

Our key expertise covers a broad spectrum, including, but not limited to, Civil, Structural, Rivers, Dam, Maritime, and Coastal Engineering. 

We specialize in Hydraulic Modeling and the design of Clean Water & Wastewater networks and treatment, River & Surface Water Management, Environmental Consultancy, Land Development, GIS applications, and Utility Solution and Asset Management services. 

At AtkinsRéalis India, we are dedicated to integrating carbon footprint management and engineering net-zero principles into all our solutions.

Image of Preeti a women engineer at AtkinsRéalis

Meet Preeti: A trailblazing journey of excellence and empowerment at AtkinsRéalis

Embark on the compelling narrative of Preeti, a seasoned Environmental Engineer with over 16 years of enriching experience, embodying the very essence of AtkinsRéalis' unwavering commitment to excellence. 

Specializing in the optimization of water and wastewater systems, Preeti's journey beautifully mirrors AtkinsRéalis' dedication to engineering brilliance. 

Preeti is not just an engineer; she is a testament to our culture of continuous learning, holding certifications in Environmental Law, ISO 14001, Renewable Energy Resources, and Business English Vantage. 

Throughout her impressive 12-year tenure with AtkinsRéalis, she has seamlessly transformed into a leader, undertaking pivotal roles such as Integrity Ambassador and Learning and Talent Development Lead.

Recognized as a beacon of inspiration in the realm of female engineering professionals, Preeti ardently advocates for work-life balance and champions Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I), perfectly aligning with the core values of AtkinsRéalis. 

Her journey, from joining us to rejoining us, signifies more than a career—it symbolizes AtkinsRéalis as a dynamic platform for growth, where individual contributions are not just acknowledged but celebrated, igniting a spirit that motivates others to push their boundaries.

image of soumya women engineer at AtkinsRéalis India

Meet Dr Soumya: A Hydrogeologist's journey of resilience and global impact 

Introducing Dr Soumya, Group Engineer - Hydrogeology at AtkinsRéalis since November 2021, embodying resilience, passion, and a relentless pursuit of excellence over her two-decade career. 

Driven by an academic journey from a B.Tech in Civil Engineering to the pinnacle of a PhD in Groundwater, Soumya has etched a lasting global impact, navigating roles from overseeing constructional dewatering for Anglian Water to spearheading groundwater modeling initiatives for ASHGAL and MEWA in the Middle East. 

As a distinguished Fellow of The Geological Society (FGS), London, Soumya's expertise is as recognized as it is extensive. 

Pioneering her path as one of the few women in her field, Soumya adeptly conquered challenges by mastering remote field visits through innovative desk studies, leveraging tools like Google Earth. 

Communicating intricate hydrogeological concepts to diverse audiences demanded a blend of patience and creativity, qualities that have defined her remarkable journey. 

Throughout this narrative of imaginative problem-solving, Soumya found invaluable support from mentors, managers, and her dedicated team at AtkinsRéalis.

Beyond professional achievements, Soumya's story resonates as an inspiration, reflecting not only her personal triumphs but also the ethos of AtkinsRéalis. 

Her ability to strike a harmonious balance between work and family underscores the supportive culture that defines AtkinsRéalis, a commitment to fostering an environment where individuals can flourish both personally and professionally. 

Explore Water and Environment careers with AtkinsRéalis India  

Through the spotlight on two outstanding women, Preeti and Dr Soumya, who epitomize ingenuity within our diverse team, we've witnessed stories that go beyond mere professional achievements. 

These narratives not only exemplify our unwavering commitment to engineering excellence but also underscore the embodiment of our values at AtkinsRéalis India.

Explore a dynamic career with us in our Water and Environment team, join our diverse and inclusive workforce at AtkinsRéalis India, and connect with our talent community for ongoing opportunities for growth and international technical expertise.