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Insights 4 reasons to pursue a Design Engineering job in the UAE in 2024

In a bid to move away from an oil-fueled economy toward that of a knowledge-based economy, the United Arab Emirates has some innovative plans between now and 2030

To help the UAE in its mission to move away from fossil fuels and reach net zero, AtkinsRéalis is searching for talented Design Engineers to join the cause in shaping a greener future.

Why are Design Engineers in high demand in the UAE?

It’s not hard to picture why the need for Design Engineer jobs in the UAE is increasing in sync with the nation’s sustainability-focused projects. From the Environment Vision 2030 to the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030, the UAE is on a clear path to engineering a better future for the planet. 

The unique skill sets many Design Engineers possess complement the UAE’s strategy. Improving manufacturing processes and crafting innovative solutions using high-tech systems are just a few areas you can add real expertise to.

We’ve compiled four compelling reasons why you’ll want to relocate your Design Engineering career to the UAE with AtkinsRéalis.

1. A booming construction industry

With Environment Vision 2030 and Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030 among just a few of the UAE's strategic goals, it’s easy to see how the nation’s construction industry is booming. 

In 2023, the UAE construction market size was an impressive $94 billion, with forecasts of an Average Annual Growth Rate (AAGR) of more than 3% during 2025-2028. With most of this growth coming from the increased investments in transportation and renewable energy infrastructure, the UAE is an attractive destination for professionals to take their careers. 

With AtkinsRéalis’s growing presence in the Middle East, we aim to help the UAE’s construction blueprint become a reality.

2. Innovation and technology 

From engineering to architecture, the UAE stands as a beacon of change. 

Innovation and technology in the UAE are driving forces propelling the nation towards its visionary future. By fostering a culture of entrepreneurship, the UAE has refined its commitment to engineering an eco-conscious future. 

From smart cities to sustainable water innovations, the nation sits at the forefront of technological advancement. 

When you join us as a Design Engineer, your opportunities are endless. With high-tech solutions, we help solve problems behind today’s most pressing global challenges, in the UAE and beyond. 

3. Career growth and development

Moving to the UAE as a Design Engineer with AtkinsRéalis opens doors to unparalleled career growth and development. Dive into ambitious projects from transforming transport infrastructure to working on sustainable urban development. 

Collaborate with visionary architects and thought leaders while honing your skills using state-of-the-art technologies and solutions.

When you join AtkinsRéalis, you’ll be valued and rewarded from day one. Whether it’s our Employee Resource Groups, our Total Reward package, or our career programs, you’re career is sure to flourish here.

4. Cultural diversity and exposure

The UAE is home to a diverse and multicultural community. Moving to the nation offers the chance to be immersed in cultural diversity. 

With a melting pot of traditions, languages, and customs from around the globe, you’ll get the chance to embrace the vibrant blend of influences from over 200 nationalities residing in the UAE. 

Is Design Engineering a good career at AtkinsRéalis?

Pursuing a career as a Design Engineer brings a whole host of opportunities to thrive and develop, especially when contributing to the vision laid out by the UAE for the next 10 years and beyond. The nation's booming construction industry, innovation and technology, cultural diversity along with its career opportunities are just a few of the reasons why you should bring your Design Engineering career here.

At AtkinsRéalis, our Design Engineers join agile, collaborative teams driven by possibilities. With career programs that put you in the driving seat, your career can be as broad and varied as your vision.

Make an impact in the Middle East with AtkinsRéalis

Experience innovation and cutting-edge technology by embarking on a dynamic journey when you begin your search for Design Engineer jobs in the UAE with AtkinsRéalis. 

With each project presenting unique opportunities and challenges, our engineers in the UAE are constantly innovating and developing. 

Join us in the UAE and be part of a forward-thinking team that is making a meaningful impact on the world.