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Insights What are the responsibilities of a design engineer?

The role of a design engineer involves creating concepts and designs, and engineering new systems. Design engineering professionals can work across a variety of sectors, but they primarily operate in the construction industry, and there is a range of skills and qualifications needed to become a design engineer. These professionals test products such as tools and machines, so they play an important role in the construction and manufacturing industries. Becoming a design engineer offers a varied career path and the opportunity to be creative while solving problems.

As a global leader in the delivery of engineering, construction and procurement services, AtkinsRéalis has built a trusted network of clients. We understand what it takes to succeed as a design engineer, as well as in other roles such as design architect and design manager. Atkins – one of our brands – has a strong presence in India and provides global opportunities to propel businesses forward, as well as helping grow the careers of design engineers. With design engineering being such a challenging role, what are the responsibilities?

Designing new engineering products

One of the main responsibilities of a design engineer is creating new engineering products, and analysing different types of structures. As a design engineer, you will be contributing to a fast-paced, innovative team where you’ll be using CAD software to create new product designs through drafting blueprints, creating prototypes and overseeing the manufacturing processes. Therefore, the role of a design engineer is a combination of creativity and technical skills. There are a range of essential tools that design engineers use to create their products, such as Revit, Civil 3D and InfraWorks, all of which help design engineers on the road to succeed in their careers.

Improving products and process

In a solutions-focused role, design engineers will be responsible for improving the performance of products and processes. This means design engineers research interesting ideas for new and existing products, which may improve the functionality of products and processes. Therefore, the role involves identifying opportunities for new products and conducting design analysis and reviewing process systems. Design engineers need to have exceptional attention to detail to be able to carry out analysis and design new systems. Above all, design engineers are responsible for innovation and creating solutions to different problems.

Design and idea evaluation

The role of a design engineer is very conceptual and requires constant evaluation to determine which idea can be taken to the next stages of development. When creating or conceptualising a product, design engineers must assess the functionality, visual appeal, durability and safety. During the process, tests are also conducted and final changes are made based on the results, with feedback from clients. This means that design engineers need to have excellent decision-making skills to determine the best and most cost-effective products.

Building your design engineering career in India

Our central offices are located in Mumbai, Bangalore and Gurugram where our design engineers have the opportunity to work on end-to-end projects and collaborate with other engineers across Atkins. A career with AtkinsRéalis ’s Atkins means you’ll be working with a diverse team of people with access to quality training and support. We’re proud of our progress environment and we’ve even been recognised as one of the best companies for women in India.

Take your design engineer career to the next level with AtkinsRéalis

At AtkinsRéalis , we work with some of the best design engineers in India, helping them master their skills and grow their careers. We’re a passionate community of diverse individuals and with Atkins, we strive to deliver strong relationships with our clients and achieve their goals by delivering world-class expertise and solutions. AtkinsRéalis ’s Atkins specialises in design engineering, construction and management. It’s these specialised services that enable us to help our clients. Why not get in touch and learn about how you can work with us in India? Take a look at our design engineer jobs today.