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Nuclear energy

Be part of a team who makes it possible for generations to experience the benefits of nuclear.

You’ll work with the latest technologies, creating cleaner, more sustainable energy solutions. Opportunities at AtkinsRéalis can take you all over the world, wherever our clients need us. Working as part of the largest team of its kind, you’ll collaborate with over 3,000 skilled experts covering every facet of the nuclear industry.

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Our unique approach is to deliver end-to-end project solutions and support for all types of reactor technologies. Supporting all stages of the asset lifecycle we deliver:

  • New reactor design and build
  • Design services and licensing
  • Engineering and project management
  • Fuel and waste management systems
  • Field services, tooling and technology, including reactor components
  • Design and asset management of facilities and infrastructure
  • Life extension services
  • Waste management and decommissioning, including site remediation

AtkinsRéalis is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and global steward of CANDU nuclear technology.

As part of our team you’ll be able to truly drive innovation. We have hundreds of patents to our name, a control room simulator and world class machining and fabrication facilities. From simulations and 3D scanning, to new technologies for reactor components, we continually come up with new solutions that make a difference, as well as working with our highly specialized supply chain networks.

We’re trusted by the US, Canada & UK in government to support their nuclear activities:

  • Decommissioning/remediating sites and facilities
  • Managing spent nuclear fuel
  • Transporting nuclear material
  • Revitalizing nuclear legacy sites

Be part of a sophisticated environment where our teams design, manufacture, assemble and test specialized equipment for nuclear reactors. Our robotics, machining and fabrication experts produce custom tools for the maintenance, refurbishment and decommissioning of nuclear reactor. We use machining and fabrication facilities to perform non-destructive examinations for clients using ultrasonic, eddy current and other leading technologies.

Work with countries around the world to develop their nuclear power programs and licence a variety of SMRs. Clients know they can rely on us because of our extensive experience with the design and licensing of SMR’s.

AtkinsRéalis is the original equipment (OEM) vendor and global steward of CANDU nuclear technology. We are also the world’s top provider of its maintenance and refurbishment expertise. CANDU reactors are ideal for countries looking to replace traditional facilities because of their fuel flexibility and the fact that they do not require upgrading of distribution systems.

Make a real difference by shutting down and recycling facilities in the most cost-effective, safe and responsible way. Our experience throughout the full lifecycle, makes us uniquely able to decommission the most complex assets anywhere in the world.

Be part of the exciting future of nuclear – find your next career here