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Insights Building a healthier workplace by moving together

The year 2020 had an enormous impact on our lives– the most significant being the massive shift in routines with work moving to our homes. This change in norms coupled with an atmosphere of uncertainty has impacted our well-being.

As an organization, we understand the importance of well-being and take priority to make provisions for initiatives and policies that foster employees’ overall well-being. Some of these include flexible working hours, telemedicine services– an over-the-call facility rendering medical services, and a dedicated employee assistance program offering tools and resources at employees’ fingertip.

The challenge to move together 
Across our offices, we dedicated the month of February 2021 to promote physical well-being through the Moving Together campaign, whereas a company we set a goal to achieve 5 million points by the end of February. Over 8,500 employees from 139 teams across our global offices registered for the challenge on the United Heroes application, re-connecting with the physical activities of their choice, enrolling for weekly challenges, and using the resources available on the application. The result? In just 3 weeks into the challenge, our teams surpassed the 5 million points target with their brimming passion and the leeway to take up well-being activities. Our cumulative goal was reset to achieve 10 million points by the end of February.

Weaving inspiring stories of motivation and transformation 
Over 1,500 employees in India took the challenge and explored a multitude of activities, ranging from cycling, treadmill, running, swimming, brisk walking to name a few. Our internal networking channel, Yammer, was inundated with amazing stories posted by employees that highlighted how the Moving Together challenge brought a difference in our everyday lives.

Inculcating a healthier routine
“For me, this challenge was an apt opportunity to be consistent with my time. It helped me to mould my schedule into the frame I always wanted to fit in. My changed lifestyle, has infused a fresh zeal of positivity in me and the quality of life I live now, has improved tremendously!”– Arif Kazi, Head- Projects, Operations, India

Found my workout buddy in my daughter
“I saw the Moving Together challenge as a chance to get back in shape in the company of my workout buddy, my daughter Shreya. Now I consciously make time for myself, irrespective of the schedule I have for the day" –   Gurumurthy Bhardwaj, Delivery Head, India

Re-igniting the passion to move
“As the ambassador for Moving Together, I am happy to see the results, this initiative has managed to yield, as we surpassed the 5 million target mark in just 15 days! ” – Sai Chandra Pisipati, Assistant Engineer

Higher productivity 
"For me, exercise has always been there on my daily agenda. But with the Moving Together challenge, I was able to move up the level of my physical exercises and endurance, which greatly increased my overall productivity". – Blessing Isaiah, Graduate Engineer

images of employees doing yoga and fitness

Watch what you eat
"Apart from physical activities, we should also be mindful of what we eat. You can stay fit and you need not always require a nutritionist if you eat balanced, home-cooked food in limited proportions".  Shibin Francis, Senior Lead-Shared Services, Bengaluru

Even 10 minutes matter
"A 10 minutes’ walk can help in reducing stress and anxiety. It is very important to keep yourself fit and take care of your mental health, especially in current times.”Ashwini Somvanshi, Group Engineer, Gurugram 

"I strongly feel that the Moving Together challenge was the need of the hour—to push ourselves to make well-being a priority. I am extremely happy to see that all of us have embraced the challenge and more importantly, are committed to keeping the momentum going. Thank you for actively promoting well-being in our offices and teams.”Bharat Gala, Senior Vice President, India

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