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Insights How AtkinsRéalis supports our Reservist employees

Proud to hire Army, Navy and Air Force Reservists

Will Steel and Paul Hutchinson are part of our 170-strong armed forces community in  AtkinsRéalis. Will is a P3M Principal Consultant based in England, and Paul, a Chief Engineer for Digital Infrastructure, based in Scotland.

We are proud of the invaluable skills and experience they bring from their military careers. And here's how we support them to keep doing what they love, despite swapping the Regular Army for civvy street.

Proud to be reservists

image of Will in his army uniform

When I left the Regular Army in 2014, I started training as a Civil-Military Co-operation (CIMIC) specialist in the Army Reserve.
For all the reasons behind my career change, I loved being in the Army. It provided me with many opportunities. Mainly skiing... But also great professional satisfaction!
Remaining in the Army Reserves has given me the best of both worlds. And AtkinsRéalis is very supportive. For example, I get an additional 10 days' paid leave for my annual training."
I was a Regular with the Royal Corps of Signals in the '90s. Since leaving, there's always been a part of me that misses military life.
I re-joined as a reservist in 2017 and currently serve as the 2IC of a squadron within 32 Signal Regiment. The Army Reserves provide an incredibly flexible way to serve one's country. It presents opportunities to undertake Adventurous Training, learn new skills and tackle challenges that don't exist outside the Armed Forces.
I enjoy serving in a military capacity while striking the right balance between civilian employment and home life. As a signatory to the Armed Forces Covenant, AtkinsRéalis is tremendously supportive."
Image of Paul in army uniform

Serving during the pandemic

I was involved in the initial stages of Op RESCRIPT, the UK military's contribution to the COVID-19 response. I provided specialist outreach capability to manage the military liaison officer network of communication and common understanding between the NHS and the supporting military. It was an exciting opportunity to apply my CIMIC training to a situation of national importance!
By August 2020, I had the Outreach Cell up and running, and having worked myself out of a job, I was demobilized. I'm now deployed as an Outreach Coordinator for the Joint Military Command (JMC) in Wales until the end of summer."
My role was Staff Officer at JMC Scotland. Within the J5 planning team, my role was to plan and organize the Mobile Testing Units (MTU) deployment throughout Scotland. Managing the logistics for 18 vehicles and crews, covering the entire country, including some islands, was a challenge.
I liaised with local and regional Resilience Partnerships, NHS Boards, Local Authorities and government to profile and plan where each vehicle would deploy on a twice-daily rollout.
As outbreaks occurred, the MTUs responded to bolster testing capacity and provide public reassurance. The schedule frequently had to change at short notice. No plan survives contact with the enemy, so they say."

Personally and professionally rewarded.

Op RESCRIPT was demanding, rewarding and excellent experience for what I do as a P3M consultant.
My role was to drive change, coordinate resources, lessons capture, stakeholder management and risk management to establish the 'Outreach Cell.
In operations like this, a week equates to a far higher tempo and rate of output than a normal working week, which enhances the experience earned considerably. The situation included many real threats to life that required effective and dynamic management of risk."
Military Aid to the Civilian Authorities remained in place until the Scottish Ambulance Service was in a position to take over the operation. I facilitated and managed the handover and demobilized once complete in October 2020.
Although I would have wished for different circumstances, I enjoyed every minute of the work while deployed. It was challenging, with long hours and missed weekends, but incredibly rewarding and satisfying.
In the end, I was awarded the Brigade Commander's coin for my effort."

As holders of the Gold Employer Recognition Award, AtkinsRéalis' commitment to military personnel and their families is well established. Through our "Partnering with the Armed Forces" staff network, we're proud to advocate for and actively hire veterans and services leavers.

Find out more about our support for the Armed Forces community.