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Insights How can water engineers help to secure APAC's water future?

Water is the single most important element that both humans and the ecosystem rely on.

It sustains all life and is linked to almost everything in the world. Water engineering is therefore vital, as much of the issues that the world faces in relation to climate change are focused on preserving this important and ever-changing resource.

As the world’s population grows, we will inevitably require more water to overcome challenges and the role of water engineers is becoming ever more crucial to prepare for and mitigate challenges that we may face, particularly in regions like Asia Pacific (APAC). 

At AtkinsRéalis, our water engineers are skilled at finding solutions to both current and future issues. 

They work with sustainability at the forefront of their minds, understanding that what we deliver not only serves our clients but most importantly provides a better way of life for society as a whole.

image of a man looking at a water facility


Water engineering is a branch of civil engineering, but it focuses specifically on water-based projects, such as wastewater, water treatment or infrastructure development. 

Water engineers may be responsible for supplying, managing and maintaining either clean or wastewater, or alternatively, they may be required to design schemes to prevent flood damage. 

Water engineers are passionate about environmental issues, and how they can reduce the impact that the changing climate has on water. They will have studied a broad range of subjects, such as civil engineering, wastewater treatment, water infrastructure, and water systems.


Water engineers provide solutions to preserve ecosystems whilst also delivering vital services for humanity. The work delivered by water engineers is essential for sustainable development and ensuring that the earth does not suffer any further damage from climate change.

As India is the seventh-largest country in the world, with the second-largest population, resources relating to water in the country can become stretched and therefore water engineers face interesting challenges. 

The Institution of Civil Engineers indicate that irrigation schemes, whereby networks of canals draw water from rivers, have helped the country grow crops and provide drinking water, so this is a viable alternative for the wider APAC region to adopt.


Though it is known for some of the world’s fastest-growing economies, contrastingly APAC is also home to some of the most disadvantaged people. 

Water is a critical component for the survival of livelihoods, and it is also the element that displays the devastating effects of climate change so vividly in the Asia Pacific, for example with increased storms, floods, and droughts

In relation to the preservation of clean water and safe ecosystems, APAC is one of the most vulnerable regions in the world due to many aspects including high populations, wide geographies, and the very real effect of climate change.

APAC is a wide region, encompassing numerous different countries, cultures, climates, languages, beliefs, religions, time differences, laws, and politics. Building resilience and adjusting to fluctuations in the water cycle caused by the changing climate is something that water engineers are continuously working towards. 

However, securing APAC’s water future is something that requires input from not just water engineers, but also a real commitment from governments, businesses, charities, and individuals. 

Through a collective effort across the entire APAC region, it may be possible to preserve this precious, life-giving resource.


At AtkinsRéalis, we have been designing and building water infrastructure around the world for over a century. 

Our work includes protecting water resources, designing water plants, returning wastewater safely to the ecosystem, and detailing flood defence strategies. We promote sustainability in all that we do, incorporating environmentally responsible processes to ensure we have a positive impact on the planet.

We’re looking for passionate thinkers in the APAC region to help us face some of the greatest challenges, and we have an ocean of opportunity waiting for you. 

Be part of the real change towards the future of humanity and browse our water jobs today. 

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