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Insights From a career break to an international career move, read Vanitha's story

Vanitha joined Atkins in India after a six-month career break to raise her family. She's now joining AtkinsRéalis in Canada as a Workday Functional Analyst in the IT - Global HR Applications Team. Read her inspiring career story.

What is the most intriguing factor about Atkins?

"I have never been in a company such as Atkins in which I have specifically observed the fact that how I always felt included as part of the whole Atkins family, the company has also always valued the health and safety of all its employees which really motivates me to do better each day at work. 

All the managers or the leadership team have always been approachable and so friendly in times of need that it just feels like home at the workplace." 

How has your pathway to Canada helped you progress in your career?

"Initially 2.5 years ago I was working for another firm and I have two daughters, therefore, I never really thought of going on long business trips and soon I took a 6-month break just to look upon my family. 

During the break, I even got a chance to brush up on my skills and then boom! I got an offer from Atkins and I joined immediately. Within a couple of months, my managers noticed the potential I possessed to lead a team in a managerial role from Bangalore and I happily accepted to do the same. 

There have been times when I knew that we as a team would need to stand for the business when a few key people left on their maternity break but this only made our team stronger to understand the business and how we could really lend a hand. I was appreciated for all that I worked on at that point and how well I could handle the work. 

I encountered a turning point in my life when we as a family wanted to move abroad for our kids' higher education but if I had to do so it would be in a way where I wouldn’t be working for Atkins anymore. That saddened me and I had a word with my manager on the same, we had a couple of openings in Canada and within a couple of days, I received a positive response from the leadership team on the same. I was elated that within a few months I would be helping the business from Canada and felt so happy that I was a part of Atkins!"

What would you like to advise the younger generation in terms of their career?

"Firstly to anyone starting out in their career, I would guide them to understand the organisation – its goals, needs. Generally, people tend to miss out on this and look upon their own needs only. This in turn does not help the business and I believe one must have the balance of collaborating with the organisational needs and their personal needs in a manner where both can be balanced. Often people in their early careers misunderstand the perspective of the leadership team and this leads to the diversification of their goals from the actual business. 

Once they understand how well their contribution matters to the business they would easily be able to adapt to the organisation’s needs as well."

What is the best part about your job?

"I would say it is the connections. On a day-to-day basis, I am required to connect with my managers, my team and various stakeholders. Working with everyone gives me immense happiness and that’s what I enjoy the most at work."

Can you tell us a bit about your hobbies?

"I am a big fan of gardening! I started out during the COVID-19 pandemic, and I absolutely enjoy the hobby now. I like to teach as well during my free time, because teaching someone means guiding them through their struggles and helping them learn something for the greater good. I also love spending time with my family during my free time."

What are your views on the upcoming trends in the HR Field?

"There will be new trends because, with the recent pandemic that we have faced, things are evolving and changing day by day. They're so dynamic that what we have decided today may not be the decision point tomorrow or after a week or a month. 

A great example would be working from home, now Atkins has also provided the flexibility to its employees to work at the comfort of their homes because end of the day we are getting the business at a great point no matter where we have been working from. We also see a lot of changes in terms of automation which helps us to reduce the workload and enhance user experience as well."

What would you consider as a great challenge with Atkins?

"I would say hiring workday consultants has been a great challenge for me lately. For the past 2 years, I have only been able to hire one person. We have constantly been looking out for over 2 to 3 positions for the same but it has been a great task to find the right candidates for the same. There are some offers which were extended too but the candidates did not accept the offers therefore it’s a task to fill those positions but alas we never give up! We have always been working towards getting the right and best candidates at Atkins."