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Insights Expanding horizons: the collaborative culture at AtkinsRéalis Ireland

Collaboration: it's at the heart of everything we do at AtkinsRéalis. We understand that sharing knowledge, resources, and expertise across a broad network is vital. It makes us part of a massive global community working on significant infrastructure projects. In her blog, Structural Engineer Anisa shares how she and her team at AtkinsRéalis Ireland collaborate, innovate, and engineer a better future on a huge range of exciting projects:

Photo of Anisa smiling towards the camera

Why choose AtkinsRéalis?A story of collaboration

I was familiar with some of the projects AtkinsRéalis had completed and their reputation in the industry, so I decided to apply for an open position in Dublin. During the interview, everyone involved was very professional and dedicated to helping. I found the same spirit of collaboration once I started working at AtkinsRéalis. In my experience at AtkinsRéalis, I have always felt part of a team and know I can rely on my colleagues and their expertise and guidance. On top of that, the recently introduced mentorship program helps guide and identify actions I need to take to progress in my professional career.

Pushing boundaries as a team

At AtkinsRéalis, the diversity of projects is an exciting element. I have been responsible for designing residential, healthcare and aviation facilities to managing projects close to my heart, like constructing the UNCHR-commissioned refugee accommodation centre in Albania. Another project that resonates with me is a unique medical facility in Cork, designed as an eight-story structure with a thirteen-meter asymmetrical cantilever at the first-floor level, stretching over 26m. The projects within airport buildings and aprons are a niche in which I have been recently involved – they challenge and invigorate my problem-solving skills.

Our culture of global cooperation

The innovation at AtkinsRéalis goes beyond designing buildings – it involves creating sustainable designs for a better future. We collaborate with the wider AtkinsRéalis team to incorporate the sustainability part of the design into all our projects. We're involved in the global practice group as part of the AtkinsRéalis extended international team. The group was created to facilitate sharing of information, lessons learned, and resources throughout the wider AtkinsRéalis Engineering teams. 

The building structures network provides everyone with access and research resources in every country where AtkinsRéalis operates. Our Skills Trawler allows us to identify colleagues with capabilities and competencies that could provide guidance or help our work differently depending on need. This allows for a great and easy collaboration and brings a vast amount of information to our disposal, facilitating the design process.

Making a social impact as one

Our work at AtkinsRéalis transcends architectural drawings and construction sites. The projects we undertake directly impact the well-being of our communities. Whether it's healthcare facilities, schools, or airport structures, our designs play a crucial role in the functioning of these entities. The satisfaction derived from successfully completing projects that positively affect society is immeasurable.

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AtkinsRéalis culture: different, equal and thriving together

At AtkinsRéalis, different really makes a difference. I'm part of a very diverse and supportive team. We enjoy a deep collaboration and often organize sessions to introduce each other to new technologies and lessons learned or help with chartership applications. Equality, diversity and inclusion are very much encouraged. 

For International Women's Day this year, AtkinsRéalis participated in the STEPS Engineers Week 2023, organized by Engineers Ireland. I was delighted to be part, with other women engineers from AtkinsRéalis, at an event at Dundalk Institute of Technology (DKIT). Along with ten other women in STEM, I talked about my background as a woman in engineering and working internationally. Sharing the challenges and thrills of being an engineer with these young girls was very rewarding.

What makes AtkinsRéalis Ireland special?

Our emphasis on high-quality designs, effective solutions, and unrivalled client support sets us apart. The engineering team collaborates closely and implements an internal reviewing process to deliver what's right for communities and the environment. The close collaboration and constant support have helped me grow as an engineer while simultaneously finding satisfaction in the work I deliver to our clients. 

Furthermore, AtkinsRéalis Ireland is an engineering company led by engineers. This provides a positive layer of understanding for our daily challenges as engineers. I have often found direct support from all organizational levels.

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