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Insights What makes working at AtkinsRéalis Ireland so rewarding?

Bridge Engineer Curtis Swanepoel shares his reasons for joining AtkinsRéalis Ireland and what keeps him with us:

"Looking for a job as a Bridge Engineer, I was instantly drawn to AtkinsRéalis as soon as I landed on their website. The diverse projects and global influence were particularly appealing. I was also excited by their commitment to emerging digital technologies and sustainable solutions. Above all, the organization's mission to push industry innovation, drive positive change, and achieve Carbon Net Zero deeply resonated with me.

Now I'm engineering a better future.

Only seven months into my journey with the AtkinsRéalis Bridge Team in Ireland, I've already gained invaluable experience from a host of projects. As a Bridge Engineer, my role involves creating and maintaining structures, ensuring they use resources efficiently and sustainably, are sensitive to the environment, visually pleasing and cater to local conditions to deliver the best results. Most importantly, we prioritize safety, aiming for structures that will be secure and fit for purpose.

Life at AtkinsRéalis Ireland is about constant growth.

AtkinsRéalis is an Engineers Ireland CPD Accredited Employer, which means they really prioritize continuous progression. And by joining a consultancy with such a great reputation, I knew I'd be exposed to diverse projects that would boost my journey to chartership. So far, I've enjoyed mentorship, training and individual assessments creating a unique programme to ensure I can achieve my chartership goals. 

Weekly Lunch & Learn training sessions have exposed me to a broad range of information across all sectors – including anything from climate change resilience to LinkedIn optimization. AtkinsRéalis also ensures we get the proper training for each job site to do the work safely and without any problems.

How we work together is how we change the world.

All sectors within AtkinsRéalis are comprised of internationally diverse team members with broad experience from across the globe. My bridge team is no different, working together to identify and solve not just complex problems but also small ones. As part of the global work group, we can draw on each other's expertise, share information and collaborate with colleagues worldwide. 

Management and Senior staff are approachable and always willing to assist, creating unity and collaboration across all levels. I've never felt discouraged to ask for help, as guidance is always available to those who seek it. Equally positive is the recognition and reward from senior staff, promoting my sense of value to the team and company.

Flexible working that balances passions, not time

I'm originally from South Africa and enjoy 20 days a year of International Remote Working. It allows me to spend longer periods abroad with family. Our flexible, hybrid work environment allows me the freedom to work remotely and connect with the team weekly. I'm proud to work with colleagues who encourage each other to volunteer in the community. We get two days of fully paid leave each year for voluntary work for a registered charity or Learning & Development initiatives.

Teams that play together stay together.

All work and no play would create a dull work environment. Happy to say this is not an issue at AtkinsRéalis in Ireland. Every month our Social Club organizes a fantastic new event, such as "Sip and Paint" or go-karting. It really helps colleagues from different sectors build friendships outside the workplace and, most importantly, have some fun!

Grateful for where I am and excited for where I'm going.

The mutual support and positive environment I have already experienced at AtkinsRéalis in Ireland excite me for my future at the company - growing as an Engineer and contributing to our journey to a diverse, thriving, sustainable Ireland.

Be a part of our mission to engineer a sustainable future and shape the world with us: learn more and browse roles.