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Insights Four project management jobs where you can make a difference

Do you have a gift for managing the technical and financial aspects of large projects? Often get told you have strong leadership and people skills? Or perhaps you’re looking for a career change, where your technical background in engineering is your superpower. If you’re nodding along then a career in project management could be for you.

Successful execution of projects is pivotal for achieving organizational goals. This is where project managers come into play, orchestrating intricate processes and steering teams toward triumph. 

AtkinsRéalis is one of the world’s most respected design, engineering, and project management consultancies. We strive for a diverse set of skills and thoughts, which will position us for the challenges of tomorrow to create a sustainable future. And we believe project managers play an important role in this. 

Delve into what you can expect from project management jobs, as we unveil the range of exciting opportunities at AtkinsRéalis.

What is Project Management as a Job?

Project management is the art of planning, executing, and closing projects efficiently and effectively. It involves juggling multiple moving parts, resources, timelines, and stakeholders to deliver successful outcomes. 

A project manager serves as a conductor, harmonizing the efforts of diverse team members to achieve project objectives within scope, on time, and within budget.

The demand for project management specialists is expected to increase by 7 percent from 2021 to 2031. Recent results from the American Workforce Survey show that 91% of respondents prioritize stability in their job search. If you’re like-minded, then project management could offer the security you’re looking for.

Do Project Managers work alone?

No, project managers rarely work in isolation. Collaboration is a cornerstone of project management. Most project management jobs require collaborating with cross-functional teams, including designers, engineers, marketers, and more, to align efforts and ensure all aspects of the project are integrated seamlessly. 

Project managers act as communicators, facilitators, and problem solvers, fostering a cohesive environment where everyone works in tandem.

Is a Project Manager a good Job?

Absolutely! Being a project manager can be an incredibly rewarding career choice. It offers a unique blend of challenges and opportunities for growth. 

Project managers gain invaluable skills such as leadership, communication, problem-solving, and strategic thinking. Moreover, they get to witness their efforts translated into real-world results, which can be immensely fulfilling.

Empowering Change: Project Management Roles at Atkins

If you’re looking to embark on a fulfilling project management career, AtkinsRéalis offers exceptional opportunities across various domains. Here are just four example project management roles where you can truly make a difference:

Civil Engineering Project Manager: 

Do you have a background or education in civil engineering? In this role, you'll lead civil engineering projects that shape the world we live in, such as implementing resource management on the Ryanair Airside Green project delivered by Atkins. 

You'll drive project success by providing expert knowledge, innovative solutions, and quality assurance. You'll lead multiple projects, oversee design processes, mentor teams, and engage with clients to ensure alignment with objectives. From business development to compliance, you'll play a pivotal role in delivering excellence across projects.

Construction Project Manager: 

If you're passionate about turning architectural blueprints into tangible structures, you should consider construction project manager jobs. A lot goes into the construction project manager job description, so we're here to break it down for you. Construction project managers at AtkinsRéalis oversee the entire construction process, ensuring projects are executed flawlessly while adhering to quality standards, safety regulations and supporting sustainable solutions in construction.

You'll compile essential project documents, coordinate material testing and sampling, guiding a team of internal staff to ensure accuracy and compliance. Expect a dynamic role that contributes to project success in various capacities as directed by your supervisor.

Aviation Project Manager: 

As an aviation project manager, you'd be tasked with managing the development and expansion of aviation infrastructure, ensuring seamless operations and compliance with aviation regulations, and working on exciting sky-high projects like developing innovative digital tools for airports.

The role calls for the seasoned expertise of an aviation technical specialist. Whether overseeing airfield designs, evaluating approaches, or coordinating utility improvements, you'll play a pivotal role in diverse airport development projects. Upholding engineering ethics and standards, you'll be the driving force behind innovative solutions.


Schedulers are the backbone of project planning. They craft timelines, update schedules, perform analysis, allocate resources, and ensure projects stay on track. By meticulously organizing tasks and activities, schedulers contribute significantly to efficient project execution.

From designing end-to-end project solutions to pioneering new technologies and ways of working, there’s a vast world of exciting challenges and projects you can delve into at AtkinsRéalis as a scheduler. Explore our markets and consider where your strengths may lie.

Entry- Level Project Manager Jobs: 

At AtkinsRéalis, we pride ourselves on giving recent graduates opportunities to jumpstart their technical and engineering careers. This is why we offer a select number of entry-level project manager jobs to help new graduates who are interested in this career path get started. 

Throughout your entry-level or junior project manager role, you will learn from senior project managers and leaders and determine which sector of project management is right for you.

Are you ready to embark on a fulfilling career?

With AtkinsRéalis, aspiring project managers can find a nurturing environment to hone their skills, take on impactful roles, and contribute to projects that make a real difference in the world. 

Collaboration is ingrained into our culture, providing project managers with a supportive environment where they can thrive alongside diverse teams. Don’t just take it from us, learn what collaboration means to Ashok.

AtkinsRéalis provides the platform and variety of sectors for you to shine as a project management professional. If you're looking for a job in project management, this is your sign to explore open project management positions in the US at AtkinsRéalis today.