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Insights Are you ready to lead innovative projects in nuclear new build?

Veronica is a mechanical and fire safety engineer at AtkinsRéalis. With 14 years in the building services industry, Veronica has a wealth of experience in sectors like Nuclear, Educational, Healthcare, and more. Her deep interest in sustainability and energy efficiency drives an innovative approach to reducing carbon emissions. Here, Veronica shares her journey, highlights in her career, and shares insights on working with diverse projects, clients, and sectors at AtkinsRéalis. Join us to explore her professional world and how she's engineering a better future:

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Veronica, what did you study to become the engineer you are today?

My educational background has played a pivotal role in shaping my career. I obtained a degree in mechanical engineering, a master's degree in building services, and a master's degree in structural engineering, which provided me with a strong foundation in a wide range of technical principles and practices in those fields. My academic background equipped me with the technical knowledge and problem-solving skills required for an engineering role. 

What led you to join us as a Mechanical Engineer in Nuclear New Build?

I had the opportunity to work in different consultancies in Spain and the UK as a Building Services Engineer and Fire Safety engineer, being involved in the design of commercial buildings. During that time, I honed my abilities in mechanical services design and fire safety. I also developed soft skills such as time management, adaptability, and resourcefulness. These experiences allowed me to apply what I learned in my education, giving me practical exposure to real-world engineering challenges.

Which AtkinsRéalis projects have been career highlights?

I've had the opportunity to work on a range of exciting projects during my time with AtkinsRéalis. A highlight from one of my recent projects was taking a leadership role and collaborating closely with our colleagues in the Global Technology Centre (GTC) in India. This project was a fantastic example of how our joint efforts and the combination of different skillsets and disciplines across the company created a successful outcome.

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On another project, we proposed using Sunrise Systems Pipenet software, which specializes in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) applications, to build digital models of the HVAC systems and aid in the design process.

This software was chosen as it is versatile in building large and complex ventilation models to compute multiple scenarios with minimal rework, compared to the more traditional way of carrying out nuclear ventilation calculations. Using Pipenet software for the first time involved problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking to solve new problems, ultimately leading to a successful design solution that met the client's expectations.

"At AtkinsRéalis, I've worked on amazing projects that have been professionally rewarding while contributing to my personal growth and development; preparing me to take on new challenges in my team." — Veronica, Mechanical Engineer, Nuclear New Build

What does the scope and variety of our projects, clients, and sectors mean for you and your career?

The scope and variety of our projects, clients, and sectors offer a dynamic and diverse landscape for my career growth as it exposes me to many challenges, industries, and perspectives. This diversity has allowed me to gain expertise in different areas, making me a more versatile and adaptable professional. It has also broadened my knowledge and problem-solving abilities.

The broad range of projects and clients has opened career opportunities. I've been able to explore different career paths, whether it's deepening my expertise in a more technical domain or taking on a project management role. The variety has allowed me to find the areas that truly resonate with my career goals.

The diversity of our work keeps my job engaging and exciting, preventing monotony. The sense of accomplishment from successfully handling various challenges is fulfilling." - Veronica

What do you enjoy about the culture inside AtkinsRéalis?

The culture of my team values collaboration, creativity, and continuous learning. This environment has enriched me personally by fostering a sense of teamwork and the freedom to explore innovative solutions. It encourages me to constantly push my boundaries and grow professionally, making me feel supported and motivated to excel in my role.

I've received valuable mentorship from senior team members. Their guidance and insights have been invaluable in shaping my career and expanding my knowledge.In addition, the culture encourages open feedback and recognition (#WOW Awards). This has not only motivated me to perform at my best but has also fuelled my dedication.

Lastly, our team also places a high value on work-life balance. An example is the different forms of flexible working available in AtkinsRéalis. This has allowed me to maintain a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, which, in my case, has been crucial for my overall well-being and job satisfaction.

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How are you engineering a better future with AtkinsRéalis?

Social impact holds deep significance to me as it reflects the broader consequences of our actions on society and the world. I think social impact is about creating meaningful and sustainable change that goes beyond personal or organizational gain.

I believe engineering should serve a greater purpose, and social impact drives my decision-making process to make a positive difference through my work. I prioritize decisions that promote long-term sustainability, such as designing energy-efficient systems and developing strategies to reduce environmental impact and contribute positively to society.

A good example is my involvement in Hinkley Point C (HPC) projects while working for AtkinsRéalis. HPC is the UK's largest infrastructure project that will play an essential part in the UK's transition to a low-carbon energy future and achieving NetZero goals, thus contributing to the development of a cleaner and more sustainable community.

What is your outlook at AtkinsRéalis?

I'm looking forward to contributing with my expertise and working collaboratively with the team to drive innovation and excellence in the projects we undertake. I'm excited to tackle new challenges, explore emerging technologies, and continue to grow professionally.

I'm also eager to collaborate with the talented individuals at AtkinsRéalis. Our collective skills and expertise create an engaging environment where we can learn from each other and achieve remarkable results. The prospect of working alongside such a dedicated and skilled team is something I find particularly motivating.

But most importantly, I'm enthusiastic about the opportunity to make a positive impact within the company and across the broader scope of the projects we engage in. I believe that the work we do will have a positive ripple effect on the clients we serve and society, and I'm excited to be a part of this journey.

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