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Insights Best for flexible working: why flexible working is winning

In February, the AtkinsRéalis UK HR team stood proud at the WM People 2024 Top Employer Awards, an event spotlighting leaders in diversity, inclusion, and family support. Among stiff competition, AtkinsRéalis emerged victorious in the 'Best for Flexible Working' category, reflecting our people's dedication to a culture where work-life balance isn't just an idea but an experience.

Recognizing our efforts

This award acknowledges our dynamic approach to flexible working. It shows how we've successfully promoted and normalized flexible working inside our organization. The way we keep our employees in the know about their rights and encourage a culture that supports diverse working patterns didn't go unnoticed.

Our flexible working culture

At AtkinsRéalis, we all believe in making work life better for each other. Understanding that everyone has unique priorities, we've committed ourselves to offering flexible working options from day one of employment. Our 2023 VOX Employee Engagement Survey echoed this sentiment, with 96% of our employees feeling trusted to manage their workloads, irrespective of their physical location.

Real stories, real impact

Our commitment to flexibility is reflected in the stories of our employees. From Lyn, who has found a way to progress her career while managing the school run, to Paul, whose engineering career flourishes around his military commitments, our policies are designed to support diverse needs.

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Work-life balance for everyone

The proof is in the numbers: since 2013, we've seen a consistent increase in flexible workers across all genders and career levels. This shift challenges the outdated notion that flexible working is 'just for mums,' with an increasing number of men opting for part-time roles to maintain a work-life balance.

Pledged to do better

Our dedication goes beyond internal policies. By signing the Working Forward Pledge, we commit to supporting working mothers and all employees to balance work with care needs, ensuring that our approach to hybrid working is inclusive and fair for everyone.

Flexible working options

Our flexible working options are as varied as the needs of our employees. Whether part-time, term-time, job-sharing, flexi-time, or annualized hours, we offer solutions catering to different lifestyles and responsibilities. Our hybrid working model is a cornerstone of our inclusive culture. It enables our teams, regardless of their location, to collaborate effectively. This flexibility ensures that our employees can manage their personal commitments without compromising their professional growth.

Supported to thrive

The success of our flexible working arrangements is a collective effort. It relies on the understanding and adaptability of our entire team. We're committed to considering every request for flexible working, ensuring we find a balance that works for the individual, the team, and the project.

Celebrating our win together

Winning the 'Best for Flexible Working' Award at the Top Employer Awards is more than a recognition of our policies. It's a celebration of our culture. We owe it to the hard work and dedication of our employees and employee resource groups who tirelessly champion equality, diversity, and inclusion.

A better future

As we celebrate this win, we remain focused on the future. We will continue to evolve our flexible working practices, ensuring they meet the changing needs of our workforce. We aim to maintain AtkinsRéalis as an employer of choice, where everyone can thrive as their authentic selves while enjoying a rewarding life.

Congratulations to everyone at AtkinsRéalis for making this possible. Here's to many more milestones in our journey towards creating a workplace where we all want to belong.

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