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Insights Rajiv's impactful story of engineering change and leadership in Civil Engineering

image of rajiv

Since joining AtkinsRéalis in 2011, Rajiv has emerged as a linchpin within the water team, playing a pivotal role in key projects such as Beckton and Sizewell C. 

His exemplary work caught the attention of senior management, including Ian Edwards and Phillip Hoare, who recognized his talent and potential. 

Under the mentorship and support of senior leadership, Rajiv's contributions have been consistently acknowledged, earning him prestigious accolades such as the Emerging Star Award (2017), the President's Award (2020), and the Technical Leader Award (2023).

Notably, Rajiv achieved Chartered status from the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) in 2022, a testament to his expertise and dedication to the field. His prowess extends beyond individual recognition; Rajiv has also led his team to triumphs in competitions like the IGF Design Transformation Contest and represented the organization in prestigious initiatives such as the BSI Kitemark (2020).

Rajiv's professional journey has not been confined to the confines of his home base. A secondment opportunity took him to the UK, where he had the opportunity to meet the teams he had collaborated with remotely. These face-to-face interactions provided invaluable insights and enriched his professional perspective. Rajiv attributes much of his success during his time in the UK to the seamless support provided by the Global Mobility Team, as well as the mentorship of key figures such as Pamela O'Rourke (UK LM) and Preksha Patel.

In essence, Rajiv Verma's narrative embodies a fusion of technical brilliance, leadership, and global acumen. His journey underscores the transformative impact he has had on projects, organizations, and people alike. As he looks towards the future, Rajiv eagerly anticipates continuing to engineer change and shape the landscape of civil engineering with his innovative spirit and unwavering dedication.