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Insights The Homecoming Story of Sahil: Discover our stickiness quotient

Hello! I'm Sahil, an HR Operations Manager with 17 years of experience. I started at AtkinsRéalis, leading our North American HR Operations. I established a stellar team there, driving transformative initiatives, managing key stakeholder relationships, and collaborating across our geographies. After a stint away exploring professional opportunities, I returned to AtkinsRéalis, drawn by its unique culture and values. I'm excited to be back, contributing to global projects for our People Hub in India and shaping our long-term HR roadmap.

Photo of Sahil sitting near the river

Finding a workplace that feels like a safe space is rare.

For me, AtkinsRéalis stands out as that place. It's an environment where I've thrived and feels like my professional 'home.' I hope my story captures the 'stickiness' that defines our organization, which is how we feel respected and appreciated and want to 'stick around' for the long run.

Here are the top three reasons I couldn't stay away from AtkinsRéalis:

1. Let's start with the unrivaled work culture

When it comes to people—colleagues, line managers, senior leaders—we believe 'Different Makes a Difference.' In other words, we know our greatest strength is that we're not all the same. The magic is what we have in common: our values of safety, integrity, collaboration, and innovation. We're a friendly, diverse team, always supporting each other's goals and looking for a reason to celebrate together. At AtkinsRéalis, when you accept a job, you'll find a career with constant opportunities for growth and innovation, whether your focus is technical or not.

2. Our leadership team is trusting and trustworthy

Our leadership's trust in me has defined my professional journey at AtkinsRéalis. I'm empowered to drive my own path, find confidence through an open-door policy, and succeed in a collaborative environment. Our leaders have also earned my trust by driving change that removes barriers and promotes inclusion. Passing that on, I know my team members have lives outside of work, so I trust them to work flexibly and get the job done.

"There is a real commitment to increasing female representation and supporting all underrepresented groups. You'll find everyone is offered the kind of learning opportunities to maximize their full potential and enhance their careers." —Sahil, HR Operations Manager, North America, India

3. Professional and financial wellbeing are a given

At AtkinsRéalis, employees' professional and financial wellbeing are not just buzzwords but genuine priorities. This organization is committed to promoting our growth and success. I personally enjoy the flexible working options and health and wellness programs, which means I can look after my physical and mental health. Some colleagues have family overseas, and they appreciate our policy that lets them work abroad for up to 20 days a year! When you join the team, you'll earn a competitive salary, great benefits, and plenty of opportunities to develop next-level skills and find a senior mentor.

So what's the bottom line?

When you join AtkinsRéalis, you'll soon realize that meeting 'boomerang employees'—those who leave the company and later return, like me—is not unusual. Our presence says loudly and proudly. We have a strong workplace culture, and people are eager to return to it because we all truly value growth, collaboration, and belonging.

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