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Insights How Compassionate Collaboration built a global team

Meet Peter, chief water engineer at AtkinsRéalis, who has supported the development of the Global Technology Centre (GTC) team in India. Guided by #CompassionateCollaboration, Peter's leadership highlights the sophistication and expertise of our global teams, setting a standard in close, effective international partnerships.

Photo of Peter with a skyscraper

Hello, Peter. What's happening in the water market at AtkinsRéalis?

We're deeply involved in various sectors within the water industry. As the Design & Advanced Technology (D&AT) lead in Scotland, I am continually astounded by the breadth of projects our teams undertake. These range from small developer pumping stations to expansive, multidisciplinary nuclear, ports and defence ventures.

We engage in groundbreaking sustainability initiatives like Edaroth and innovative renewable energy projects.

Every day, I am challenged to adapt swiftly to new opportunities and markets, applying the engineering and project management principles I have honed over the years. What sets AtkinsRéalis apart is our unparalleled access to vast national and international teams who are always ready to provide support and expertise. This dynamic environment keeps me engaged and constantly growing in my role.

You've invested a great deal of time and energy in setting up new capabilities within the practice, such as Design & Build Studio. What have been some objectives and achievements along the way?

I had the privilege of spending six months with our colleagues at the GTC, facilitating the setup of the Design & Build (D&B) Studio. This experience was profoundly fulfilling, enlightening, and exciting. It significantly enhanced my understanding of the cultural challenges we face in global collaboration.

The D&B Studio embodies AtkinsRéalis' global reach, agility, and integrated approach to delivery.

Our initial collaboration had clear objectives:

  • Achieving full alignment between the UK and GTC with integrated workshare planning.
  • Fully integrating the GTC into the bid process and engaging teams early.
  • Enhancing GTC's technical capabilities.
  • Boosting GTC's project management capabilities.
  • The goal was to empower the GTC to evolve and lead in water D&B delivery.

  • Photo of Peter near the beach

    My approach was to build strong relationships within the teams.

    Through this, I've not only made lifelong friends but also experienced significant personal growth. Key achievements included witnessing the GTC teams grow confident and take ownership of project delivery.

    I created and delivered over 1,000 hours of training to diverse staff members, sharing my own knowledge and experiences.

    The sessions were full of two-way dialogue and so many questions. By empowering the team and giving them a voice, the GTC has become far more integrated into our project delivery, aligning seamlessly with their UK counterparts. We've also identified numerous opportunities for further collaboration in training, digital innovation, and discipline delivery, which we continue to develop and explore together.

    Facilitating the setup of the D&B Studio stands out as one of the highlights of my career.

    Taking four simple objectives and having the autonomy to implement them was empowering and humbling. It is incredibly satisfying to contribute to AtkinsRéalis' global strategy of fostering one cohesive team across the world.

    The D&AT teams are growing and working on some really significant projects. What might surprise people working at our competitors about life at AtkinsRéalis?

    As a genuinely global organization, AtkinsRéalis offers an incredible range of projects, providing vast opportunities for personal and professional growth. We actively encourage each individual to develop their skills and make a meaningful impact. At AtkinsRéalis, the world is truly your oyster!

    How does collaborating with global teams like the GTC enhance our employee experience?

    Collaboration with expertise within the GTC enriches the work environment, making it more dynamic, innovative, and conducive to professional growth. It enables our teams to broaden their perspective and prepares them for global challenges. This not only benefits employees but also helps them become part of delivering the wider AtkinsRéalis strategy, contributing to the success and competitiveness of the organization and giving our teams a sense of purpose and belonging to a much bigger world.

    Can we really engineer a better future?

    Engineering a better future isn't just a vision—it's a reality we can achieve together. At AtkinsRéalis, we provide the roadmap and guidance. But, it ultimately comes down to our collective choice, knowledge, and passion. I feel fortunate to work with such exceptional teams, knowing that together, we can accomplish incredible things. Engineering is all about creating solutions, and our world is brimming with opportunities to make a difference. Let's harness our potential and drive real change.

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