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Insights Architecting an iconic career yet?

Hello, I'm Hamdy. I led the rapid expansion of AtkinsRéalis' Middle East office from our modest start in Cairo. Over the past five or six years, I've consistently led the architecture team, which has grown significantly in size and scope. I continue to fulfill this leadership role.

"I'm passionate about diversity and teamwork, and I try to nurture a culture where we can share our successes and overcome challenges together."

Photo of Hamdy smiling with laptop.

What I do at AtkinsRéalis

As the associate practice manager of the architecture team, I have two roles. One involves the purely technical tasks of a principal architect. The other is overseeing all practice activities, such as the hiring process and project resource allocation. Currently, I'm managing the Mukaab project, supervising a team of 13 architects.

Growing the architecture team in Cairo

I began my journey a decade ago in a small Cairo office with just two architects—a junior colleague and me. We grew to a team of about 20 under legacy SNC-Lavalin, supporting projects in Abu Dhabi and Libya. Two years ago, we became part of AtkinsRéalis. A month later, I found myself on a plane to Bengaluru. I spent two weeks there, collaborating with AtkinsRéalis' Global Technology Centre (GTC) in India to establish our dedicated office. Over time, our team grew.

We've always been a truly collaborative team

Our architecture team began work on the IB2 project from day one, collaborating with the GTC. Yas IB2 is a huge development in Abu Dhabi, consisting of residential buildings, retail spaces, a community center, and a mosque. This significant project lasted eight to nine months, during which time we expanded our team. We're now a vibrant team of 30 talented architects, primarily women, making a difference on projects across the Middle East and North Africa.

"During my trip to the GTC Bengaluru, I enjoyed discovering similarities between Indian and Egyptian culture, especially our shared sense of humor."

I'm proud of our positive, inclusive workplace

First and foremost, we are a family. We win together and lose together. This kind of relationship is rare, where unity and diversity play vital roles. We start each day fresh and end it with smiles. I see happy faces, even when employees are catching up in the office after 6 pm. That said, long hours are not the norm!

We embrace flexible and remote working

Team members who are working mothers or newly married find our flexibility convenient. Remote work is another option. If a team member needs to take urgent long leave, we quickly find a replacement and ensure a smooth transition of project responsibilities.

"If you have a happy environment, you'll encourage new talent to join."

Why you should join my team at AtkinsRéalis

ONE: We're all about values—one of the fundamental values we hold here is diversity. Regardless of hierarchy, we stay united, supporting each other. We all receive training on respectfully engaging with our colleagues and managers—and anyone can ask anything, anytime. TWO: our projects. They're top-notch. When I interview candidates, I ensure they know that at AtkinsRéalis, you'll work on projects you've seen in the news, ones that really make a difference. It's something we're all proud of here.

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