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Insights What makes our RO&D team special, and how can it boost your career?

If you're anything like Senior EC&I Engineer Alessandro Del Brenna, being constantly inspired and challenged is something you crave at work. He said, "Working at Atkins, a member of the AtkinsRéalis Group, has given me many opportunities to challenge myself, develop, and build the career that best suits my specific skills and strengths." Read on for more about Alessandro's journey and experiences in his own words:

"I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in a large range of projects in different roles and with different responsibilities. At Atkins, with every challenging opportunity, you always get the right mentorship and support to give you the best chance of success."
-Alessandro Del Brenna

What I do as a commissioning engineer

As a commissioning engineer in our Reactor Operations & Decommissioning (RO&D) team, my role is crucial to building and engineering work. My job is to officially start projects, ensuring equipment, machinery, and systems get set up correctly and work properly.

One of my most exciting experiences was designing HVAC systems for Sizewell B and later spending 18 months on-site overseeing their installation and commissioning. Witnessing my work come to life on site was very rewarding, and participating in the reality of site installation helped me develop into a more well-rounded engineer.

I'm currently commissioning the central control system at Hinkley Point C. It's great contributing directly to such a large project, which will positively impact the country!

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Proud to be transforming the world for people and environment

Net Zero is one of the key talking points in the UK today, and nuclear energy is a critical part of achieving this goal. However, Net Zero isn't only about the environmental benefits. It is also an opportunity for the entire country to position itself to lead in the engineering and technology of the future.

The projects I work on bring significant economic benefits to communities by providing highly skilled job opportunities for the entire lifecycle of the projects. My work on HPC is something which I will be able to look back on with pride at the end of my career when the power station I'm contributing to will still be operating and supporting the UK with carbon-free power.

RO&D: the sustainable impact team!

Our RO&D team ensures our country always has electricity by solving challenging issues at every step of a nuclear reactor's life. This includes when it's making power, being emptied of fuel, and being safely taken apart at the end of its use. This gives my colleagues and me fantastic opportunities to make a sustainable difference across a wide variety of nuclear industry projects, from building new power stations to decommissioning old ones.

Engineering better for carbon net zero

Nuclear will be a critical contributor to future energy systems, and the goal of Net Zero and decommissioning existing plants is a crucial phase of ensuring the positive legacy of nuclear projects. By contributing across the entire spectrum of the British nuclear industry, my team significantly contributes to Net Zero, shaping a world we all want to be part of.

Why I think the RO&D team is so special:

We strongly focus on everyone who makes up the team. Everyone shares a willingness to work closely together, and we're all empowered to work towards individual goals and ambitions.

We have the opportunity to work on various projects in the portfolio, from building new submarines for Rolls Royce, managing/consulting alongside EDF, to handling decommissioning with Magnox. So, if a member of RO&D wants to move out of their comfort zone and try something new – be it a new discipline or being involved in new projects – it will be enabled through appropriate planning, support and mentoring.

This means that as a team member, you have the freedom and autonomy to build your own career, aligned with your strengths and skills, performing meaningful work that energizes YOU.

Inspired by Alessandro's story and eager to join a team making a real difference in our world? Our RO&D team is hiring, with no prior nuclear experience required: Browse our live roles!

Photo of Rebecca smiling towards the camera