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Insights The 9 key economic sectors of NEOM

What is NEOM? 

NEOM is a global transformation project in Saudi Arabia. To put things into perspective, NEOM is fourteen times the size of Singapore or the size of Belgium. Coming in at 170km, the government is set to invest around $100-200 billion to build this city with no carbon emissions and 100% renewable energy. 

The project complements the Saudi government's Vision 2030 to diversify the economy, tackle climate change, and improve people's lives inside and outside the country’s boundaries. 

As one of the world’s most reputed and respected design and engineering solutions providers, AtkinsRéalis Lavalin aims to work side by side with NEOM to build this country and future city of the world one day at a time.

How NEOM will diversify KSAs economy

This new city will focus on innovation, sustainability and economic growth by creating a circular economy, one that addresses global challenges based on three principles - eliminate waste and pollution, circulate products and materials, and regenerate nature. 

NEOM is a special economic zone that will be a hub for various industries, create a lot of job opportunities, and attract investment to the country. 

The beauty of nature NEOM in Saudi Arabia

Why are there nine sectors and why are they important? 

These nine sectors that make up NEOM will curb economic leakage in the Kingdom by creating a self-sufficient economy that can produce its own goods and services and attract foreign investment. Profits will then be reinvested locally allowing for sustainable growth. 

We’ve been developing and implementing innovative, sustainable initiatives on all our projects at AtkinsRéalis for the past 50 years in the Middle East. This project is not just about traditional engineering but about combining creative genius with innovation and technology to provide digital solutions for a better planet.

Here are the nine key sectors that will be powered with USD 500 billion from the Public Investment Fund of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: 

1.The future of energy and water 

NEOM will develop 100% clean energy through wind and solar sources, the world’s largest hydrogen part, smart energy grids, AI, and more. 

The city has ambitious goals to become a global leader in renewable-powered desalination processing with Zero Liquid Discharge and pioneer water recycling and stewardship, recycling every drop and treating it for re-use. 

2. The future of mobility

The mobility sector aims to transform the way we connect and move about says Florian Lennert

Head of Urban Development and Mobility at NEOM. 

The key objective here is to create a seamlessly connected mobility ecosystem and connect NEOM to the rest of the world by air, land and sea. At the heart of NEOM’s urban fabric are walkability and cycling for residents and visitors. 

3. The future of health, well-being and biotech 

This sector will build an unparalleled end-to-end system that is centred around the individual. Powered by research and innovation, world-class treatments will be provided with a focus on proactive prevention. 

NEOM health strives to be a global benchmark in the field for the rest of the world. 

4. The future of food 

Through circular design, the NEOM food sector will address the natural resources crunch through breakthrough technology. Some of the innovative ways NEOM will create food security include climate-positive growing solutions, sustainable sourcing, next-generation aquaculture, personalised nutrition and more.

5. The future of technological and digital sciences 

NEOM technology and digital sciences will build a state-of-the-art data-privacy framework that respects individual choice to enhance life. They will lead the world in secure 5G hyperconnectivity, AI and advanced robotics, seamless experiences, data consent, and more.

6. The future of advanced manufacturing 

“Our advanced and clean manufacturing approach is our way of supporting industrial companies on their path to manufacturing excellence.” - Vishal Wanchoo, Head of Manufacturing & Oxagon CEO. 

This sector will introduce Industry 4.0 with supply chain excellence, green factories, lean manufacturing, and advanced data and logistics. 

7. The future of media and media production 

NEOM Media will build the world’s first fully integrated media hub. This sector will focus on nurturing local talent, content creation, supporting ease of business, and state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure. 

8. The future of entertainment 

With hyper-personalization and sensory wonderment at centre stage, entertainment will be much more than fun. NEOM believes entertainment should be transformative. NEOM will redefine how audiences interact with new experiences that spark the senses and transform the community. 

9. The future of tourism

NEOM will be a new model for regenerative tourism. This sector will lead the world in innovative design-led form, authentic heritage and culture, unique nature experiences, progressive tourism laws and regulations, and more. 

“We have every natural asset required to make a great destination and we can play in the categories where people love to holiday. So that’s what we want to do.” - Peter Fitzhardinge, Marketing and Sales Director 

Build NEOM and shape the future of KSA

This is your chance to do something great, starting now, an opportunity to work on some of the most challenging projects out there at scale, an opportunity to capitalise on everything you have learned over the last several years and put all of that learning into effect. 

Explore NEOM jobs in Saudi Arabia.