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Insights 5 tips to accelerate your transportation career as a fresher in India

Have you been considering a career in India’s transportation sector? India is the place to build your civil engineering career. As we emerge from the pandemic, this industry is rapidly growing as we find sustainable solutions for improved connectivity around the world. 

Making an impact as a graduate/fresher in any industry is not always easy. After finally finishing years of studying engineering, design, planning, or a similar degree, you’re new to the working world, and up against many other candidates in the same position. Naturally, you want to find a job where you can work hard, show commitment and meet or exceed expectations. If you’re looking to start a career in the transportation industry, we’ve got some helpful tips to help you hit the ground running. Keep reading to find out more. 

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Demonstrate passion

Working in the transportation industry gives you a great sense of purpose. You are ultimately providing connectivity so that people and commodities can move around the world. This is critical to the economy, and those that work in the transportation industry are passionate about improving infrastructure, systems and processes to ensure the transportation network runs smoothly. 

When you start any new job, it’s important to demonstrate how passionate you are about that subject matter. Transportation is an extremely broad sector, but it helps to try and gain skills, knowledge and experience in a variety of areas so that you can eventually find your niche and pursue that avenue. 

Get involved

A great way to drive your career forward is to get involved in tasks outside of your day job. You'll have learned a lot of theoretical material at University, but applying this in practice is another beast altogether. Many engineers learn by doing, so you may find this helps you too. 

Ask around to find out if there is anything that colleagues or other teams need help with. Go beyond what is expected of you and get stuck into projects that will equip you with tools for the future. This is also a great way to network with people outside of your immediate team. 

Be innovative

Continuously innovating is the key to success in the transportation industry. We already know that the transportation industry contributes significant levels of carbon emissions, and to reduce this, we need to innovate. 

In your first job as an engineer or a designer, it helps to be curious and to dive into research about better ways of working that will reduce carbon emissions, costs and time, whilst also improving safety. We are increasingly, more so since the pandemic, using technology, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve engineering and the transportation industry. Therefore, being familiar with the latest trends and digital systems is a great way to jump up the career ladder and get yourself noticed.

Share your knowledge

If you find yourself undertaking processes that could be more efficient, don’t be afraid to share your thoughts or knowledge to help improve ways of working. The transportation industry, after all, is continuously evolving, and therefore we always want to hear new ideas and solutions. 

Sharing your knowledge is a great way to collaborate and contribute to the team, and it certainly improves productivity. At AtkinsRéalis , sharing knowledge is one of the key aspects of our businesses’ success, and we all know it’s never too late to stop learning. 

Better yourself

Whilst working in your first role in the transportation industry, you will be exposed to various opportunities to learn and grow. Ask a lot of questions, or for help when you need it, research new techniques, and ultimately focus on bettering yourself. 

Set clear milestones to drive your transportation career forward. If you want to learn a new skill, gain a new qualification or just improve your overall performance, set yourself goals to work towards and track them to ensure you stay focused on bettering yourself and your future. 

Accelerate your transportation career at AtkinsRéalis in India

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