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Power New Build

Shaping the next generation nuclear power

Our Power New Build team covers a wide array of clients and projects in the UK and internationally. We deliver services and projects that range from fusion design projects, to site engineering support at Hinkley Point C. We provide consultancy and design services across all stages of the project lifecycle, from concept design through to site based commissioning. There is innovation at all stages to improve solutions and provide an optimum service.

The UK's current nuclear fleet is approaching the end of its working life. This gap leads to an extensive projected growth in the Power New Build industry. Nuclear is critical to the UK and the world in achieving Net Zero Carbon.

The Power New Build team forms part of the wider Nuclear & Power business, which also includes existing assets, reactor decommissioning, and nuclear fuel cycle markets.

Within Nuclear & Power, our overall vision is to "Build a Cleaner, Safer Net Zero World". Join us to help us achieve our vision.

Early careers


Hydrogen-3 Advanced Technology

The Hydrogen-3 Advanced Technology (H3AT) facility will be a research centre for tritium experiments at Culham Science Centre (UKAEA). The main purpose of H3AT is to simulate the reprocessing of exhaust from a tokamak fusion reactor (ITER), the future of providing a viable source of large-scale, safe, and environmentally friendly energy for the planet. 

Our scope of work is to finalise the concept design, and carry out the preliminary and detailed design for the tritium loop at H3AT. The design contains eight different sub-systems to work and integrate with one another seamlessly to be able to test and optimise tritium recovery systems, as well as supplying tritium and other gases to several smaller experiments. The integrated project team consists of members from process, electrical, C&I, mechanical, structural, safety, and project delivery teams – working together to deliver H3AT to scope, time and budget.

Large nuclear

Hinkley Point C As part of the Hinkley Technical Support Alliance (HTSA), Atkins has a huge variety of seconded staff embedded within our client organisations to provide specialist technical and project management services. These range from providing design support to the construction teams on site, to project managing the delivery of the safety case in the back office. These secondments are hugely rewarding experiences as they allow our staff the opportunity to develop their skills and experiences by working on live construction or operational sites. The breadth of secondment opportunities is exciting and offers plenty of variety to support individual personal and professional development.

Small nuclear

The UK Small Modular Reactor (SMR)

The UK Small Modular Reactor strives to be a nuclear power station that is an affordable, reliable, and investable solution to the domestic commitments of net zero and the international challenge of transitioning to low carbon energy systems. The SMR Design is currently in pre-concept phase and is preparing for the Generic Design Assessment (GDA) process beginning in 2021. Atkins has been collaborating with Rolls-Royce and 7 other companies in a consortium, providing wide- ranging support services via a diverse team of project and engineering disciplines. Atkins was chosen as the Civils, Structural & Architectural (CSA) lead to deliver the design of all principal islands, applying our knowledge and experience of UK and International new build projects.

Atkins has also completed a ‘Route to Net Zero Strategy’ report, which summarised key low-carbon interventions to address the operational and embodied carbon emissions estimated to be released from the new SMR Heavy Vessel factory.

Our locations

We are a team comprised of engineers, safety consultants and project management professionals, spread across the UK and Middle East.

Our primary office locations are shown below. We work from a blend of Atkins' offices, client spaces and home-working. Talk to us about what works for you. 

• Bristol
• Epsom
• Middle East
• Sheffield
• Warrington

Our vision, values and culture

Flexible Working

We actively promote a healthy work life balance and support all team members with their personal and work commitments. Making it possible for you to achieve a happy and flexible work-life balance.

Engineering Net Zero

Across Atkins it is our mission to lead the engineering industry in achieving Net Zero as quickly as possible. Our experience and broad heritage of global innovation, together with our position as an industry leader, allows us to make a real difference in the UKs journey towards Net Zero by putting it at the centre of all our work.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity

Diversity is at the heart of what we do. The Atkins community shares the belief that everyone’s voice is valuable and should be treated equally. A community that understands that everyone deserves to feel like they belong. We aim to embed equality, diversity & inclusion into everything we do, and to constantly improve gender and ethnic equality. Our employees benefit from a range of staff networks which provide forums through which we can continue to learn from each other and develop a more equitable and inclusive organization.


Over the decades spent delivering successful nuclear projects, we've cultivated one of the largest and most reputable teams of its kind. Being at the forefront of the Nuclear industry means we must adapt and deliver a continuous stream of innovative solutions to meet the complex needs of our clients and drive advancements in the industry.

Our disciplines

We are looking to hire and develop staff in a broad range of areas to support the nuclear new build market. We welcome applicants with relevant experience, or purely a strong interest, in the nuclear industry. Some of the key disciplines we are looking for are summarised below, but these are by no means comprehensive. Please browse our vacancies.

Early careers

Key capabilities we are looking for as we assemble our Power New Build team are:

Do you have experience in the the design, commissioning or review of large scale, industrial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems? If so we would love to hear from you!

You will join a group of civil and structural engineering professionals helping to develop technical solutions across a wide range of challenging projects. You could be working on a small individual assignment or as part of a larger, multi-disciplinary team taking on some of the most complex and challenging nuclear projects in the world. As well as traditional design and consultancy work, we also have roles based out on our client’s sites. So you could be spending time getting ‘hands on’ with the civil and structural engineering aspects of a nuclear power station.

We are looking to hire and develop specialists in a broad range of areas to support the fusion and new nuclear technology markets. We’re looking for applicants with backgrounds in mechanical engineering, materials science, process engineering and electrical, control and instrumentation (EC&I). We’re looking for applicants with relevant experience, or purely a strong interest, in fusion energy or research.

We are looking for a wide range of mechanical engineers, from package equipment engineers, to piping engineers, to quality and acceptance engineers. If you have a desire to work in the nuclear sector, we are keen to hear from you!

We are seeking nuclear safety engineers to engage in some fantastic, inspirational projects. providing safety case advice during the design, operation and decommissioning of nuclear facilities and for the production of all nuclear safety documentation as part of the site license conditions.

We are looking for motivated process engineers at all levels to support our diverse portfolio of projects. We deliver work in-house, through secondments and at sites. We are looking for people who are enthusiastic, keen to develop and want their professional work to make a real and lasting positive contribution to the world.

We are looking for fantastic communicators and organisers who are able to integrate quickly into diverse multi-disciplinary teams. You should have the ability to self-motivate and get the best out of other team members.

We're looking for passionate people to make a difference. You will be working on a variety of nuclear projects that will influence the future of energy. Managing projects from start to finish, developing and implementing innovative technological solutions to complex client problems, and supporting the nationwide digital transformation. You'll be responsible for winning new work by creating compelling bids and spotting opportunities to grow Atkins' services.

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Our latest roles

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