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Insights Proyectos en los Llanos

this is a image of the Castilla 3 station


Engineering Service in the Field of Half Complexity for Developing Projects in the Management of Development and Production Operations Castilla of the VRO-HUB LLANOS VIP OF ECOPETROL S.A.


Castilla 3 station

The crude treatment train has tanks for the upwelling, transfer, washing and storage stages with an operating capacity of 30,000 BOPD and a design of 45,000 BOPD plus water and gas associated with this production.

For the treatment of crude oil there are also naphtha storage tanks with the respective dilution trains to the washing tanks in order to improve the process of dehydration of crude.

The station has a URV vapor recovery system, a relief system consisting of KOD and TEA.

Water Treatment Plan

image of staff at the facility

For the water treatment, there is a STAP with a capacity of 600,000 BWPD conformed with CPIs, Flotation Cells, Nutshell Filters, and an injection water tank with a capacity of 50,000 BWPD.

Auxiliary and Industry Solutions

In addition, there are industrial and auxiliary services such as gas blanketing, instrumentation air, industrial air, sludge drying system, industrial water, drinking water and fire protection.