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Insights Transforming lives with Landscape, Architecture and Design

22 July 2020
#InsideAtkins Podcast uncovers Neil's career of changing urban landscapes

Welcome to the #InsideAtkins Podcast with me, Smitha. In this, our very first broadcast, I'm excited to be joined by Neil, Associate Director in Landscape Architecture and Design. 

Our theme is Impact and Pride, and Neil tells us all about the exciting projects he's been working on – from shaping our country to make it COVID-safe to creating beautiful, biodiverse places for communities to enjoy. He also shares his career journey and the unexpected ways you can find your way into this rewarding career. 

Below are some of Neil's photos, which we discuss on the podcast. To listen to the conversation, join us on Spotify or listen right here:

Where the magic happens

image of Neil with his team

You can see Neil and his team in the office in one of the meeting rooms. Neil is the one pointing at the plans.

Create a Park Competition

image of Neil with his team at create a park competition

Neil was part of the team who entered "Parklets," an idea to create mini urban parks by installing planters in parking spaces. Neil is on the far right.

Hampstead Heath
image of Hampstead heath
A dam safety project that adopted an environmentally led approach to integrate with the natural landscape.

Key to the City
image of an app which can show history of areas
An ideas competition that unlocks the hidden layers of history, culture and heritage through an augmented reality app in the City of London

image of the imagine app
image of the imagine appUsing digital technology, the team created fun ways for people of all ages to get outdoors and get active within their communities.

Cycling Schemes
image of a cycling lane
Creating safe, comfortable spaces that encourage people to get out, walk and cycle. This photo shows the west-facing terrace on the River Thames in Kingston.

Celebrating a win
image of Neil and Peter at the architect of the year awards 2019
Neil and Peter Heath celebrate the public realm architect of the year awards 2019. Neil is on the right. We have been shortlisted for the 2020 awards

A big reason to come to work
image of the national landscape and urban design team
The national landscape and urban and design team at their annual conference in 2019.