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Insights Work-Life culture in Ireland’s Transportation Team

Associate Director David shares what keeps him at Atkins Ireland

David is based in the Dublin Transportation Team at Atkins, a member of the AtkinsRéalis Group. He works mainly with Transport Infrastructure Ireland who is responsible for the Irish motorway network. David's role is to improve data management and find ways to reduce energy usage. We recently talked to him about how being at Atkins "Makes Life Work Better."
this is an image of David on a hike
Congratulations on your winning entry for "Making Life Work Better" in our recent Photo Competition. What inspired you?
The photos were taken on our Atkins' Walking Group outings in the Irish hills. For me, it's just about sharing what I know about the great outdoors with colleagues. It's an excellent way for us to spend a bit of time chatting and getting to know one another outside of the office. As home working becomes more prevalent after the pandemic, activities like this will be even more important to keep us connected.

How else do you support your team with what they need to thrive?
It's really just a matter of knowing the people you work with. People have different interests and needs. I normally try to get people to do the things they are good at, and, as far as possible, I try to avoid asking them for things that I know they dislike.

How has the pandemic influenced your team's Work- and Lifestyles?
For most of my colleagues, home working has been a great success. Fewer interruptions have meant we can do more work in a shorter time with fewer errors. When you add in the additional flexibility that people have for personal life, there's no doubt that the majority of people are much better off. Sure, there are some challenges, but these are minor when compared to the benefits. Let's hope we can hold on to these benefits after the pandemic is over.
What makes Atkins in Ireland a great place to be? 
The people. I'm very lucky to have several colleagues with whom I've always worked very well, who I trust and who over time have become close friends. We also deliver a huge variety of work. It's a great opportunity for graduates looking for a solid base of experience. And as you get older, there's an array of areas to choose from when deciding where you'd like to base your future career.
this is an image of a team on a hike
What is the team working on at the moment?
I'm involved in trying to encourage more innovation and improve digital skills. It's a challenge. Innovators tend to be rule breakers who always want to find a different approach. Most of our business is based on a quick turnaround of repeatable work. And engineers are driven by process and formulae. There are small pockets of success, and our intention is to translate this into a company-wide change of ethos!

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