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Insights Ahmed Alalawi, Head of Project Controls – Finance Global at Linxon

In times of rapid change, it’s important to keep growing as an individual and looking for things to improve – all qualities that Ahmed Alalawi brings to his role. At Linxon, he appreciates the flexibility, integrity and chance to do a job that matters.

“The feeling that you have a meaningful job which contributes to the organization’s success really helps you to wake up in the morning and inspires you to do better,” Ahmed underlines, describing his can-do approach to his role at Linxon. With an accounting background and Masters in Business Administration, he’s been with Linxon since it first day in the UAE in 2019. Having previously worked in the airline and banking industries, he is now very much at home in the energy sector – where his hope for the future is to see Linxon grow globally and build infrastructure to power the world with carbon-free energy. He explains that the main reason he joined this industry is to see tangible outcomes such as this. “To be able to go around and show my family, relatives, and friends that Linxon did this, and I was part of it. This instils a sense of pride and motivates me to achieve more,” he adds.

A truly global focus

Another motivating factor is being able develop in his career. “I always aim to be the best at what I do,” he says. “Being in a rapidly changing industry, there is always a new challenge, always something to learn and grow, which helps me push myself to get better.” He also appreciates the fact that, as an agile company, Linxon makes it easy for employees to relocate to different offices globally – opening them up to new experiences.
One area where he’s looking for development is within his own function – as he helps improve Project Controlling globally. Here, he’s working on defining and unifying the job requirements, as well as automating processes to give people more time to focus on value-add tasks.
At the same time, he would like to see the Project Controlling team working more closely with the Project Management and Finance teams, to be able to be the ‘CFO of the Project’. He explains: “I aim to develop the team in the function so any project controller can execute any job around the world, while maintaining the same quality of work.”

A culture of balance, wellbeing and safety

The opportunity to seek development and improvement is underpinned by a supportive environment. Ahmed appreciates the introduction of hybrid work policies, as well as flexible working hours, which enable employees and managers to have real work-life balance. “This is important for our health and wellbeing, and helps strengthen the relationship with our families, which ultimately leads to improved productivity,” he reflects.
He also values the “speak up” approach at Linxon, whereby all employees are encouraged to regularly speak their mind and highlight any wrong-doing in the workplace, while being ensured of protection. “This helps everyone go to the office with safe minds, knowing that they will be heard while getting the backing from the whole organization,” he says. Just another plus point that motivates Ahmed to get up in the morning and get into the workplace!