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Insights Improving performance with digital twins in the Middle East

In the last decade, the Middle East has made staggering progress in the construction industry by rapidly adopting cutting-edge digital technologies. Digital twins are the next generation of digital technology that is helping to transform the Middle East. With their ability to reduce the time and costs of projects and help to improve performance in a range of areas within the industry, digital twins have gained widespread acceptance.

At AtkinsRéalis , and within our brands Atkins and Faithful+Gould, we embrace the change that the digital revolution is bringing, as we know it will bring countless advantages to not only our clients and wider societies. Here, we outline what a digital twin is and how it is improving performance in the Middle East.

What is a digital twin?

A digital twin, also known as a virtual twin, is a virtual model designed to accurately mimic an object to incredible detail. The physical object being modelled is equipped with a range of sensors that scan crucial areas on functionality. The digital twin can factor in the behaviour and processes involved in construction, all the way down to the components and materials used. The data is then relayed to a processing system and applied to the digital copy.

The Middle East is using digital twins to great effect to improve performance and it is becoming the driving force for the construction industry’s digital revolution.

Improving future building construction

Leading developers in the Middle East implemented BIM processes and are using the benefits of digital twins to influence future construction projects.

The introduction of real-time data sensors allows engineers and construction managers to obtain mounds of information from their operations to impact future designs.

Digital twins are also being used to monitor the quality of air within a building, maintain optimum temperature, schedule maintenance, and predict the flow of inhabitants to reduce the risk of potential overcrowding issues. Additionally, they are also used to improve the safety of buildings. Data from a digital twin can also model emergency situations such as natural disasters and fires and engineers can deduce the most effective emergency exit design.

Tackling ageing water infrastructure

Antiquated technology and outdated infrastructure have plagued the Middle Eastern construction industry for years, however, it is now becoming a priority to improve the performance of the water infrastructure. digital twins enable utilities to simulate events such as pipe failure, power outages, fires, and contamination. As a result, the model helps firms analyse the resilience of their systems and assess their risk.

Dramatic advances in monitoring technology, coupled with the Middle East’s willingness to adopt new practices will result in digital twins becoming an ingrained part of every aspect of the water industry.

Creating a more sustainable industry

Sustainability within the construction industry is a topic that is becoming more important by the year, and the Middle East are making great strides towards lowering their carbon footprint. Digital twins can be beneficial to the industry and create a far more sustainable sector in the future. And more widespread adoption of the technology is likely to happen soon.

As the digital twin can be used as a predictive guide to the future, construction firms in the Middle East are using it to reduce their costs, resource use and carbon footprint. By modelling entire project life cycles, digital twins are improving the design and waste management of building construction; from designing for reuse to minimising material use during manufacturing.

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For us, the Middle East represents a significant growth opportunity for our diversified engineering and design service offering, and we’re excited about where the future is heading with the use of digital. From designing end-to-end project solutions to pioneering new technologies and ways of working, everything we do at AtkinsRéalis supports our goal of delivering outstanding outcomes, regardless of the scale, complexity, or location of the project. We’re proud to be making a difference today and for generations to come.

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