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Insights How to get a job in NEOM

What is NEOM? 

NEOM is one of the biggest global transformation projects in the world, a new city in Saudi Arabia which will be powered by 100% renewable energy and is roughly fourteen times the size of Singapore. 

This project is the centerpiece in Saudi Arabia’s goal of Vision 2030 - a government program launched by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that aims to achieve the goal of increased diversification economically, socially and culturally

As one of the world’s most reputed and respected design and engineering solutions providers, AtkinsRéalis aims to work side by side with NEOM to build this country and the future city of the world one day at a time.

Explore opportunities to contribute to the groundbreaking Neom mega project with AtkinsRealis, and take your career to new heights. 

Learn how to get a job in NEOM and: 

  • Why you should work for NEOM 
  • Is NEOM a good place to work for 
  • What jobs are available at NEOM

How to get a job in NEOM 

This is your chance to do something great, starting now, an opportunity to work on some of the most challenging projects out there at scale, an opportunity to capitalise on everything you have learned over the last several years and put all of that learning into effect. Here’s how: 

  • Start by researching NEOM and its projects to understand their objectives, industry focus, and the type of talent they seek. 
  • Regularly checking our NEOM hub for job postings related to your expertise and interests. 
  • Sign up for job alerts so you are notified when a potential opportunity is posted.
  • Tailor your resume and cover letters to highlight your skills, experiences, and alignment with the project's objectives, showcasing your value and enthusiasm for contributing to Neom's groundbreaking initiatives. 

Why should I consider working for NEOM, and is NEOM a good place to work?

This project offers a unique and innovative working environment with numerous opportunities for career growth and professional development across various sectors. 

  • Global talent hub: It serves as a global talent magnet, attracting ambitious people from diverse backgrounds, and providing exposure to an international, multicultural work environment. This is an opportunity to learn more experienced professionals and advance your career. 
  • Cutting-edge technology: Employees can engage with state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge advancements across various industries, fostering professional growth and learning opportunities. We understand how technology has the power to transform outcomes, when combined with every element of the engineering process: our people, our data insights and our technology.

What jobs are available at NEOM? 

NEOM, Saudi Arabia, offers a wide array of employment opportunities across various sectors, including technology, sustainability, healthcare, tourism, and more.

At AtkinsRéalis, we are looking for dedicated and innovative professionals with diverse expertise who are keen to contribute to NEOM's visionary project.

Some of the roles we are recruiting for include: 

  • Project managers 
  • Engineers - electrical engineers, digital engineers, civil engineers, structural engineers
  • Architects 
  • BIM Specialists 
  • Consultants

Apply to NEOM jobs with AtkinsRéalis today.