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Insights What is Multidisciplinary Engineering and how to get your career started?

What is Multidisciplinary Engineering? 

Multidisciplinary Engineering integrates principles from various engineering disciplines such as civil, mechanical, electrical and more to address complex problems in the built environment. This allows engineers to pull from a range of different skills and knowledge to find solutions that are effective and efficient. 

It leverages each discipline's strengths, allowing for more collaboration between teams and introducing diverse perspectives resulting in more innovative and creative solutions. 

At Atkins, we are committed to identifying the unique drivers of change that will engineer a better future for our planet and its people. We pride ourselves on embracing each other’s unique contributions and this collaborative approach is how we are able to deliver exceptional results on our projects

Male and Female Industrial Engineers in Hard Hats Discuss New Project while Using Laptop.

Why should I pursue a career in Multidisciplinary Engineering?

Expand your job prospects 

Multidisciplinary engineers have a broad range of skills and knowledge that can be applied to multiple different industries which opens up new and exciting opportunities. We are entering a new era of engineering. It is an exciting time, with disruptive technologies, accelerated growth and continuous reinvention that’s redefining how we live and work across APAC.

Identify unique drivers of change

A multidisciplinary approach allows engineers to approach complex problems with a holistic approach that can lead to the development of innovative solutions. From our Global Technology Centers in India, for example, we implement digital transformation and deliver innovative Net Zero solutions on projects all over the world. 

Opportunities to collaborate with talented professionals

This career gives you the opportunity to work alongside and learn from experts in the industry which will only contribute to your own personal and professional development. 

Collaboration is one of the four core values that guide us in the way we act, speak, work and behave together. It plays a key part in the success of every project we undertake, enabling us to handle major developments and interact with various communities, businesses, governments and other stakeholders.

Addressing, complex real-world challenges 

This is an opportunity to tackle today’s most pressing challenges such as population growth, increasing transportation needs, and climate change. 

Our teams work on global projects that are making a difference across the globe. No matter where you are in the world, your opportunities with Atkins are endless.

How to start your Multidisciplinary Engineering career 

  1. Identify your strengths and interests - what disciplines of engineering interest you the most and how do your personal strengths align with these disciplines? Finding the sweet spot between your skills and interests will allow you to find a role that you love as well as can excel in. 
  2. Build a strong educational foundation - find a degree that allows you to explore a variety of engineering disciplines so you are equipped with a broad knowledge base. 
  3. Gain practical experience across disciplines - you’ll want to gain hands-on experience that give you exposure to different projects, environments, and teams. The more variety you get, the more skills and knowledge you will gain. 
  4. Develop transferable skills - transferable skills, such as communication and problem-solving, will help you to easily integrate into new teams, and work on complex projects. 

Ready for your next challenge? 

If you are passionate about engineering, enjoy working across disciplines, and love collaboration - multidisciplinary engineering could be the right path for you. 

We’re looking for the brightest minds who are looking to learn, thrive and grow with Atkins. Explore our engineering roles in the APAC region. 

Would you like to know more? Not ready to apply? Join our talent community to stay connected and engaged with us within the AtkinsRéalis Group.