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Insights An ocean of engineering opportunities across the Asia Pacific

Following the interruptions of the pandemic, we’re entering a new era of engineering. It is an exciting time, with disruptive technologies, accelerated growth and continuous reinvention that’s redefining how we live and work across APAC.

Digital technology has been touted as Industry 4.0. As a result, the race for digital transformation is well underway across the Asia Pacific. A digital-first focus is creating a significant contribution to its GDP. It is also opening up an ocean of exciting and innovative engineering opportunities across the APAC region, shaping the world for the better.

At AtkinsRéalis , we’re excited to be at the forefront of engineering innovation. We are involved in a wealth of progressive and rewarding engineering projects across the Asia Pacific. With digital development and accelerated growth after the pandemic, there are many opportunities to advance your engineering career in APAC.

Here are just a few of the engineering opportunities arising from the current trends:

Improving water security with water engineering in APAC

The Asia Pacific is home to 60% of the global population, with water security being a significant issue for many inhabitants. 1.2 billion people in the region do not have access to sufficient sanitation, while 300 million people do not have safe access to drinking water and other water services. Furthermore, 18 of the 49 Asian Development Bank members cannot sufficiently protect inhabitants from water-related natural disasters.

With this in mind, water engineering becomes a critical role in improving water security across the region and helping to protect inhabitants from water disasters. Consequently, water engineering careers in APAC can be some of the most rewarding and important roles. This is especially true as the world works to protect and preserve its ecosystems and reverse climate change damage.

EV technologies advancing with mechanical engineering

APAC is now at the forefront of electric vehicle innovation. Many countries in the region have made a huge push for electric vehicle adaptation. For example, Thailand plans to ensure every car sold in the country will be electric by 2035, while EVs account for over 13% of China’s vehicle market, with a view that by 2030, 40% of vehicles sold in China will be electric.

From nanotechnology to the design and operation of new technologies, the electric vehicle market opens many opportunities for exciting mechanical engineering careers in the sector.

Deploying civil engineering for sustainable infrastructure

Sustainable construction is high on the agenda across the world. From smart city infrastructure to the flagship development of the Delhi-Mumbai trade corridor, there are ample opportunities to create a sustainable future utilising your civil engineering skills.

Transportation infrastructure is certainly a hot trend across APAC. India has announced plans to build over 25,000km of highways as well as 100 cargo terminals in the next three years, and in Vietnam, it is hoped that 5,000km of expressways will be functioning by 2030. Subsequently, highway designers and engineers are particularly sought after.

Energy-efficient electric engineering

With a focus on obtaining carbon neutrality by 2050, APAC energy infrastructure has become a significant trend. So much so that Australia has listed renewable energy as its top infrastructure priority while smart street lighting projects are underway across the Asia Pacific.

Digitisation and artificial intelligence are both critical factors in helping to create a future-proof energy strategy. From designing adequate energy-efficient street lighting to harnessing energy data for wide-reaching projects, a career in electrical engineering in APAC can be varied and rewarding.

Dive into engineering opportunities across the region

With so many opportunities, your engineering career can grow across APAC at every level. From building skills through an internship and graduate engineering programs in Hong Kong to advancing your skills as an engineering professional; AtkinsRéalis is here to support emerging talent in the engineering sector and be a leader in some of the most innovative and exciting engineering projects across the region.

Find your next multi-discipline engineering jobs with AtkinsRéalis , or find out more about how we can help you to advance your career with our professional development strategy.