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Insights Sara Almarzooqi’s insights on being an electrical engineer in the UAE

As a Junior Electrical Engineer at AtkinsRéalis, Sara Almarzooqi plays a crucial role in the exciting and innovative projects undertaken by the company. Her journey began in September 2023 when she joined AtkinsRéalis as a fresh graduate from the prestigious Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai. This opportunity kickstarted her career and provided her with a valuable platform to gain hands-on experience in the field. 

Currently, Sara is deeply involved in the Al Sheraa project, a significant undertaking focused on the construction of the new DEWA Headquarters Building. In her role as a junior electrical engineer, she has been entrusted with a range of responsibilities. These include becoming familiar with on-site installations, actively participating in inspections, and working closely with site inspectors to ensure that all installations meet the required standards. The ultimate objective of this project is to achieve the net-zero concept, which has inspired Sara to carefully review and select energy-efficient equipment that will contribute to its success. 

Sara understands the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in electrical engineering. That is why she places great emphasis on expanding her professional network. Working alongside industry experts on-site has tremendously contributed to her personal and professional growth, providing her with invaluable insights and hands-on experience. It is this commitment to continuous learning and advancement that perfectly aligns with Sara’s career aspirations at AtkinsRéalis. 


Staying up to-date with the latest trends and technologies in electrical engineering 

To remain at the forefront of electrical engineering advancements, she stays abreast of the latest trends and technologies. By actively expanding my network and fostering connections with professionals in the field, Sara is constantly updated with the industry's most cutting-edge developments. Additionally, working alongside experienced experts on-site has not only provided her with invaluable insights but has also allowed her to gain practical experience that contributes to Sara’s professional growth. She believes that this unwavering dedication to continuous learning and advancement perfectly aligns with her aspirations for a successful career at AtkinsRéalis. 


Managing multiple tasks or projects simultaneously 

In Sara’s role as a junior electrical engineer, she consistently demonstrated exceptional multitasking abilities by successfully managing multiple tasks and projects simultaneously. A notable instance highlighting her skills was when she received the assignment of three different tasks concurrently.  

To effectively handle this situation, she adeptly employed a strategic approach. Firstly, she meticulously prioritized the tasks based on their respective deadlines, importance, and complexity. By doing so, she ensured that he could allocate his time and resources accordingly.  

To optimize productivity, she implemented a comprehensive time management system. Detail-oriented and organized, Sara created a detailed schedule, meticulously allocating specific time slots for each task. This methodical approach allowed her to dedicate sufficient time to each task without neglecting any.  

Furthermore, she adopted a systematic breakdown of work technique. By breaking down each task into smaller, manageable tasks, Sara was able to tackle them methodically, focusing on completing each sub-task before moving on to the next. This approach not only enhanced his efficiency but also ensured that she delivered high-quality outcomes. 


Career progression in site operations 

Sara is eager to envision her career progress and contribute to AtkinsRéalis' success over the next 3-5 years. With a focus on becoming a recognized expert in site operations, she recognizes the invaluable opportunity that being a part of AtkinsRéalis presents. Despite being a recent graduate, Sara is enthusiastic about taking on additional responsibilities within AtkinsRéalis to further her growth and development. 


AtkinsRéalis supporting professional growth 

We are a global engineering, design, and project management consultancy firm and offer various services in sectors such as infrastructure, transportation, energy, and water. If an Emirati engineer is employed with us, they benefit from the following support: 

Mentorship and Training: AtkinsRéalis provides Emirati engineers with mentorship opportunities, allowing them to learn from experienced professionals. We also offer training programs and workshops to enhance technical skills and knowledge. 

Networking Opportunities: AtkinsRéalis offers networking opportunities to connect Emirati engineers with professionals from various disciplines and industries. This allows them to build relationships, exchange ideas, and gain insights from industry experts. 

We are also planning on launching our Emirati Graduate Programme in 2024.  


Advice to young Emirati female engineers 

Sara’s advice to young engineers pursuing their careers in engineering is to be flexible since engineering is a dynamic and evolving field that requires constant learning and adaptation. 

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