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Insights How to choose the right engineering firm for you

The engineering firm you choose will significantly impact your career. Select the right one, and you'll find your career goals supported, a healthy work-life balance and the team dynamic that you work best in.

Are you looking for your next job within an engineering firm? If so, you're likely among the 70% of employees who say their personal sense of purpose is defined by their work, and at AtkinsRéalis, we believe we have the power to engineer a better world.

Whether you’re ready to take on your first job, or you’re looking for a new role that will challenge you, here are a few questions to help you choose the right engineering firm.

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Are they a small boutique or an international organisation?

Engineering firms range in size, and when searching for your next job, you'll find everything from specialised, boutique businesses up to multi-national companies like AtkinsRéalis .

Boutique companies may have as few as 50 employees, and many people choose this size because they're seeking a close-knit culture. As your job description is loosely defined, your role will transition over time, meaning you can shape it to be what you want. There are several drawbacks of smaller firms, including limited access to training and progression, and often a missed opportunity to transfer to different locations around the world.

At the other end of the scale are large international firms with a solid reputation within the industry. Many have 1,000 employees and some over 50,000 people working for them. For many people, working for a globally recognised firm is a career-defining moment. There are more opportunities to progress and gain international experience, as well as access to industry-leading software and exposure to industry experts with decades of experience to pass on to you. Lastly, large scale companies have more resources to invest in sustainable solutions that are in-line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Do they offer the opportunity to work on exciting projects?

One of the first things to consider when choosing an engineering firm is the clients they've worked with. The projects they've delivered in the past will give you an indication as to what projects you'll be working on.

AtkinsRéalis has operations in over 160 countries, meaning that our people get to collaborate on some of the biggest projects in the world - including the London 2012 Olympics, the Burj al Arab, Dubai metro and the channel tunnel - and see a lot of variety in their work.

Do they provide top-tier training?

Depending on your career stage, training could be a top priority. If you're at the early careers stage, you'll be looking for a graduate development program that will ensure you develop everything you need to achieve your professional qualification. Alternatively, you might have a career leap on the horizon, in which case, you’ll want to find an engineering firm with a fine-tuned training program.

Do they encourage career progression?

If you're an ambitious person, choosing an engineering firm to work for isn't just a case of finding the right job; you'll be looking for a career. When comparing companies, you need to ask yourself which will invest in you and help you achieve your career goals. Access to training is just one piece of the career progression puzzle. Having engaged mentors and supportive managers will give you the confidence to improve your professional practice with new knowledge and skills.

Are they undergoing a digital transformation?

To build an exciting career, you need to question whether a company is committed to combining traditional engineering with new technologies. AtkinsRéalis stays ahead of the curve by connecting people, technology and data. We're unleashing the potential of digital transformation, and Atkins India is working alongside our Global Technology Centre, using digital technology to drive efficiency and better design.

Build a career with no limits with Atkins India

Now that you're equipped with these questions, you're ready to start the job search and find the engineering firm that's right for you.

If you want to work within an international company on world-class projects where you'll receive quality training while you rise the ranks, AtkinsRéalis India could be the place for you. We believe that people drive results, and you could be the newest member of AtkinsRéalis to help us deliver work that makes a difference.

Explore careers with AtkinsRéalis India and find out how our engineers, quantity surveyors, architects, project managers and consultants are helping us on our digital transformation journey.