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Making work life better

Welcome to our flexible working culture

At AtkinsRéalis, we understand that finding the ideal work/life balance is vital for everyone. While we're passionate about our work, we genuinely care about people. So, we'll help you find ways to work that are most effective for you and your unique needs. 

As an Employer of Choice in the UK, we welcome flexible working requests from day one. And with so many different options, we can keep it grounded in mutual respect, team wellbeing, and client commitments.

Hybrid working with no stigma attached

AtkinsRéalis promotes a diverse and inclusive workplace where we're serious about supporting your career progression—whatever your working pattern. Our 2023 VOX Employee Engagement Survey found that 96% of employees feel trusted by managers to manage their work, regardless of where they do it. 

Our teams believe in flexibility backed by trust and responsibility, pulling together to get the job done. Like Lyn, a senior developer progressing her career while flexing around the school run. Or Paul, an engineer whose civilian career is thriving around his military training and mobilization.

Our employees say we're getting it right.

VOX showed that 90% of our workforce believes we truly value diversity and inclusion. And since 2013, we've seen a year-on-year increase in flexible workers of all genders and career levels. It shows our teams no longer see changing their work patterns as 'just for mums.'

A measure of success

Since 2013, we've seen a year-on-year increase in part-time workers at all career levels. and the number of men working part-time is growing at a higher rate too. Our teams no longer see flexing as something 'just for mums.'

"During winter, I was training for a half marathon. So, we structured my day to start and finish work slightly earlier, a couple of days a week, to get out and run with some daylight left."

- Ellie Bean, Graduate Systems Engineer

VOX also found that 76% of our staff say that our ability to work together has improved. Confirming the value that diversity and inclusion bring to our working experience.

Our Working Forward Pledge

We're promoting the right culture for hybrid working to thrive—regardless of your seniority, gender, age, or reason. We've signed the Equalities and Human Rights Commission's 'Working Forward' pledge, committed to removing all barriers for working mothers in balancing their work and care needs. This is backed up by a measurable action plan to ensure we're continuously improving our approach.

How would you make flexible work for you?

We appreciate that different people have different priorities without justification. Some of our employees only work during school terms. Others work agilely around their studies. You might need to be home-based around a chronic condition. Or just pop home early some days to receive a delivery.

"When I needed hybrid working hours and reduced weekly commitment, my managers listened. They were happy to ensure my project didn't involve frequent, long commutes and aligned my work hours to accommodate my childcare responsibilities."

- Rula El-Jorf, Planning Engineer

Support when and how you need it

Whether formal—tailoring your contractual hours, pattern, or place of work. Or ad-hoc—helping you manage your work-life balance in a pinch. Every request is considered individually, ensuring a supportive and wellbeing-driven approach that will work for you and the team around you.

Choose from these flexible options:

Part-time:Work fewer hours while maintaining work-life balance, like Sarah, who works four days a week to also focus on her studies.

Term-time: Enjoy flexibility during school holidays, an option popular among our parent-employees.

Job-sharing: Split your role and responsibilities with another colleague, offering you both diverse insights and availability.

Flexi-time: Start and end your day at times that suit your lifestyle, just like Raj, who begins his day early to end early.

Annualized HoursSchedule your yearly hours for a balance between busy periods and personal downtime.

"When I first joined AtkinsRéalis, my skills and experience were a good match for their Aerospace, Defence, Security and Technology team in the south. But I wanted to stay in North-East England. The hybrid working culture makes location less important—hybrid and remote working really work well!"

- Stuart Chambers, Reservist and Principle Consultant in Digital Asset Management

We make work life better together

Our colleagues make alternate working arrangements successful by being flexible with each other. The business always welcomes any reasonable requests for flexible working. We'll always consider your personal circumstances, balancing them with team and project needs.