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Insights Spatial planning

image of a motorway crossing

Spatial planning has a major influence on traffic movement and growth on the Strategic Road Network (SRN). To support sustainable economic development and regeneration, traffic growth will need to be accommodated whilst ensuring a balance with Highways England’s objectives set out in Strategic Business Plan (2015-2020) and the Delivery Plan (2015-2020):  

• Supporting economic growth
• Safe & serviceable network
• Free flowing network
• Improved environment
• Accessible & integrated network

Highways England has a compelling need to be proactive in delivering sustainable development whilst protecting the Secretary of State's interests.

Atkins supporting Highways England on projects across the country

Atkins was awarded the Spatial Planning Contract with Highways England for the South East (and support to the North West) in May 2016 as sole providers of ‘on-call’ transport support.

The contract is led by Atkins working in collaboration with sub-consultants and includes both remote and embedded support, with staff seconded into the Clients’ offices in Guildford reviewing planning applications relating to the SRN as part of core development control functions as well as a range of strategic and spatial planning, regional planning and advice on safety and design considerations via remote call-off.

Building strong relationships as a trusted advisor

Spatial planning is crucial for the long-term and appropriate development of the SRN. Atkins are well-placed to further develop a strong relationship with Highways England by being trusted advisors to safely improve regional connectivity while facilitating wider economic growth across the South East.

The contract was awarded owing to Atkins’ appreciation of Highways England’s current delivery programme and a clear understanding of wider organisational objectives.  As Atkins’ understanding of Highways England’s requirements has grown, the embedded team has been refined to ensure that we have the right people; the team is a blend of junior and senior staff, with all members working directly with Highways England’s Spatial Planning Managers as a single delivery team.

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