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Insights Kingston Go-Cycle Programme

Kingston ‘Go Cycle’ has been funded by the Mayor of London’s flagship mini-Holland programme aimed at improving the quality of active travel infrastructure to levels commensurate with those in the Netherlands.  It aims to transform the way people travel through a determination to make cycling safer, better connected and more convenient appealing to a much wider cross section of the community as the mode of choice.

image of the planned routes for Kingston Go cycle

Atkins was appointed as the main design consultant on a package of corridor schemes. This was to provide segregated cycling along Portsmouth Road and the Thames riverside, along Wheatfield Way on the town centre gyratory, on the Penryhn Road and Ewell Road approaches to Kingston and also in Surbiton town centre.  All of these schemes have now been implemented, with the Portsmough Road scheme widely recognised as an exemplar in integrating segregated cycling within a sensitive and much-loved riverside promenade environment. The scheme also improved walking, public realm and has provided new social and play space.  In fact, all of the schemes embody the new enhanced approach to policy and designing for Active Travel in the Gear Change and LTN1/20 documents that the schemes themselves predated!

image of a brochure which talks about traffic free and quiet cycle routes around Kingston

Our team was responsible for developing the designs from concept through to detailed design and then supervising the works. We were also responsible for engagement with all stakeholders, approval from Kingston’s Council’s Committee and TfL’s Road Space Performance Group as well as detailed transport planning and evidence base development for walking and cycling (including level of service and Healthy Streets analysis) as well as considering buses and general traffic.