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Insights What are the building blocks of a successful architecture career?

Architecture is a complex and rewarding career and there are many pathways to success. Some of the roles and specialisms include urban planning, interior design, building surveyor, and construction. With so many avenues, it’s important architects understand their options and expose themselves to different understandings of how buildings are created. Modern architecture requires more technical skills, such as the ability to use data-driven tools. Technology has had a massive impact on architecture, so professionals entering the field need to keep pace with all the changes.

The AtkinsRéalis Group – which is comprised of Atkins, Faithful+Gould and Acuity – is a global procurement, engineering and construction business. We specialise in a range of sectors, including energy, transportation, water and manufacturing. We seek to work with candidates with diverse backgrounds and personalities. Our comprehensive project solutions have enabled the architects we work with to thrive and find the best roles. Building a career is always a challenge in any industry. Read on to discover how you can build a successful architecture career at AtkinsRéalis .

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What does an architect do?

Architects design a wide range of structures, such as apartment buildings, houses and commercial buildings. These professionals are highly skilled creatives and they’re involved in all phases of construction, starting from the initial consultation with the client through to the delivery of the project. Architects play a crucial role in society because they design living spaces for people to live and work. When it comes to designing buildings, architects must consider all factors, including the functionality of the structure. Architecture isn’t just about the appearance of a building, as all structures must be safe and sustainable. At AtkinsRéalis , our architects are always looking for ways to improve structures and to create modern structures that fit in with the natural environment.

Most qualified architects spend around five years in education, perfecting their craft before venturing out into the professional world. To be successful in your career as an architect, you will need to develop your design skills, have a knowledge of building and construction, as well as build solid customer service skills.

The most typical route is completing an architectural degree that’s certified by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). Here you’ll undertake RIBA Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 studies, all of which gives you practical experience and helps you develop the fundamental architectural skills. Once you’ve gained the key qualifications, you will be able to officially register with the Architects Registration Board – which means you’re eligible to become a chartered member of RIBA.

The path to becoming an architect is similar in locations such as Canada, where you have to complete a master’s degree from a university approved by the Canadian Architectural Affiliation Board (CACB). In the USA, architects must complete a degree and undertake internships before moving into the professional world of architecture. Architects in India can gain entry to the Indian Council of Architecture once they’ve completed five years of study.

The journey to becoming a fully qualified architect is a long one, requiring years of study and work experience. So, with the right education and training, you will have the knowledge and expertise needed to help you become successful in the long run.

Taking the next step as an architect

After becoming a qualified architect and gaining significant experience, professionals will be able to take on more responsibility and move into senior and more specialised roles. This includes positions such as landscape architect, interior architect, urban and regional planner, as well as construction manager. If you work for a private architectural firm, you may have the opportunity to progress to becoming an associate or partner.

There are always new opportunities to continue learning, such as taking on extra courses and attending networking events. There are also plenty of mentor programmes and guidance professionals can take to grow their careers. Our architects of the future, Harriet and Rebecca delivered a school design project together, which shows what you can achieve as you gain more experience and progress as an architect

Architecture jobs are high in demand. A career in architecture has huge opportunities for advancement, allowing you to explore different disciplines and develop both analytical and creative skills.

Are you looking for a career in architecture?

At AtkinsRéalis , we work in partnership with our clients to provide quality engineering and architectural and construction solutions. Over the years, we’ve recruited some of the most talented architects into a wide variety of roles. Our mission here at AtkinsRéalis is to use our expertise and deliver sustainable projects through the use of technology and data, helping our clients and candidates move forward faster. We’re always looking out for the top talent all across the world, so get in touch for more information about how to succeed in your architectural career.

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