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Insights How can Canada use cleantech to design a greener future?

There's a growing demand for cleantech worldwide, but nowhere is it more vital than in Canada. That’s because Canada is one of the world’s biggest producers of carbon dioxide emissions, and is suffering the repercussions. The country is warming twice as fast as the global average, partly due to its need for heating and long-distance transportation in arctic climates. 

Thankfully, Canadian-based companies like AtkinsRéalis are creating sustainable solutions for the construction industry. Read on to find out how working with us is your passport to a career in sustainability.

Canada’s cleantech market

Canada’s cleantech market is booming, and it’s only predicted to continue growing. Cleantech, which includes all processes and products that negate the environmental impact, has been expanding at the same pace as the Canadian GBP for nearly two decades. In fact, in 2019, it grew at twice the rate of the national economy, rising 3.5% while the economy grew 1.6%.  

According to the Cleantech Group, Canada is a global leader in this field. The country’s ranking in the Global Cleantech Innovation Index rose from 7th in 2014 to 2nd in 2021. As the government continues to invest heavily in start-ups and clean energy and technology, it becomes an increasingly attractive place to look for construction project management jobs if you want to make a difference. 

How is cleantech currently being used across Canada?

Cleantech is used in a variety of ways in Canada, including on AtkinsRéalis projects across the country. AtkinsRéalis believes in mitigating our impact as much as possible. We are on board with Canadian strategies to reduce GHG emissions, drive innovation, and create new construction project management jobs. 

For instance, we are experimenting with circular built environments, which can reduce the demand for new raw materials and prevent urban sprawl. Encouraged by the Canadian government, we are streamlining our real estate portfolio to reduce our carbon footprint, designing energy-efficient buildings, and implementing business communication tools that limit the need for travel. 

The future of cleantech in Canada

The future of cleantech is bright in Canada, with more businesses signing climate pledges and making efforts to mitigate their energy use. Canada is uniquely positioned to make leading changes, with plenty of investment in precision farming, energy infrastructure, and more.  

As one of the world’s biggest producers of greenhouse gases, Canada also has some of the most significant opportunities in the sector. There are plenty of ways businesses and communities make substantial changes, all of which will greatly impact the country and the wider world.  

As the world transitions into a lower carbon future, Canada is paving the way with investment, government support, and subsidies. Project managers here have an exciting opportunity to be at the vanguard of global change in the construction industry and beyond. Canada’s cleantech future is here now, and you can be a part of it. 

Cleantech is creating more job opportunities in Canada

With cleantech rising to the forefront of the construction industry, it is creating many new jobs and opportunities in the project management field. In fact, this is one of the many reasons why construction project managers are currently in such high demand.  

AtkinsRéalis is committed to diversity in hiring. We work with local First Nations groups in Canada to engage more Indigenous people in this industry. The communities provide valuable knowledge about the environment and culture, and AtkinsRéalis provides training and construction careers

Now is the time to consider a project management career in Canada. This is a high-performance industry with lots of room to grow. Browse environmental management jobs, apply for jobs in Canada, and sign up for the talent community to find out about the latest opportunities.