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Insights How is Hong Kong improving its transportation networks?

Hong Kong is a city with 7.5 million residents, making it one of the most densely populated, and most developed in the world. 

This brings both challenges and opportunities and for civil engineering graduates, in particular, it’s a fertile ground for learning and growth. Hong Kong’s transport infrastructure is a crucial part of the city’s success - and an opportunity for those seeking careers in civil and structural engineering, because the city represents one of the most exciting places to work. 

A single example, the Tuen Mun–Chek Lap Kok Link (familiarly known as TM–CLKL) has two connections, North and South which require very different engineering skills. Notably, the Northern Connection is a 55-metre deep undersea tunnel, linking to the boundary crossing facilities which are themselves an artificial peninsula that connects to the Hong Kong International Airport. In contrast, the Southern Connection is elevated roadways, that join the boundary crossing facilities to Lantau Island. These massive projects, and many others like them, drive forward technology and innovation and offer unprecedented opportunities for transport engineering career development.

The Hong Kong government is committed to city-wide growth and development and has been vigorously pursuing a policy of excellence in development that combines a focus on commercial potential with a dedication to environmental policies. This makes for a demanding balance - but one that planners, designers and engineers relish, as it gives scope for innovative approaches.

road network at night with moving lights

Hong Kong - a culture of excellence in planning and engineering

Hong Kong is also known for its sustainability enforcement regime; for everything from littering to emissions, it has some of the strongest and most enforced laws in the world and has recently engaged in a roadside emissions program that has reduced carbon monoxide by 26% and nitrogen oxides by 27% at roadside locations. As a city that combines an unusually strong focus on hygiene with a cultural focus on maintaining infrastructure, Hong Kong is uniquely positioned to exploit disruptive technologies and develop pioneering approaches to transport, including decennial citizen participation in transport planning decisions. 

Atkins, a member of the AtkinsRéalis Group, is spearheading a number of initiatives in Hong Kong that further the Hong Kong government’s stated desire to be at the forefront of transport and logistics at the global level. From engagement with the railway network to keeping traffic moving, engineers and planners are helping shape Hong Kong’s post-pandemic future as travel restrictions ease. With its reputation as a global financial centre dented by strict COVID-19 regulations, but its residents largely in tune with the city administration’s desire to protect a tightly packed population, Hong Kong is expecting a return to international life. 

As one of the world’s most popular entrepôts, it also relies on a transport infrastructure that manages everything from the biggest container ships in the world to busloads of tourists shopping for souvenirs. And it handles these demands with aplomb.

Hong Kong - growth through innovation

In a similar vein, structural engineering jobs in Hong Kong tend to be fast-moving and challenging; the demands of building and re-building a world-class city on a tightly limited landscape have led to incredible past engineering feats such as the Trio stormwater storage systems, and the West Kowloon Station, built on reclaimed land. 

Hong Kong has always been innovative, and the city’s infrastructure development has depended on the engineering profession’s ability to use new materials, new technologies and new approaches. There is an exciting range of opportunities for engineering professionals to relocate to this fast-moving city and explore many projects from the redevelopment of the demolished Star Ferry Clock Tower to land reclamation and environmental mitigation

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