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Insights Why you should consider a transportation career at Atkins in the APAC region

The transportation sector is an important industry for the global economy and it’s a highly varied sector, as it involves the movement of various shipments and materials via airlines and shipping. It’s an industry that’s grappling with rapid changes, as a result of technological innovation and climate change. There’s now more pressure for logistics and transportation to keep up with the demand of tracking goods and processes as the number of shipments has increased. This means professionals pursuing a career in transportation can learn a great deal and it can be a rewarding career.

Atkins is the APAC region is part of the AtkinsRéalis Group, alongside Faithful+Gould and Acuity. We’ve established ourselves as a global leader in multidisciplinary engineering and transportation solutions. Our teams are diverse and we not only operate in APAC but in various regions to tackle global challenges. Below, we discuss why a transportation career at Akins is worthwhile.

Professional development

At Atkins, professional development is a high priority. That’s why we offer many training opportunities, as well as learning and development programmes. A career in transportation offers an array of professional development opportunities because you’ll be encountering lots of different problems that need to be solved urgently. Therefore, you’ll be required to ask questions and seek out new solutions. Whether you work as a transport planner or trainee Designer, there will be opportunities to learn about the world of logistics and transportation – and there’s a huge variety of jobs, especially as technology advances. According to research, digital technologies will drastically change transport in the APAC region. So, with the region being fast-growing for transport, there will likely be more jobs available and more opportunities for professional development.

Impactful career path

A career in transportation offers professionals a truly meaningful career. Since transportation is hugely important to the economy, professionals will be able to make a huge impact in their role. With the continued growth of e-commerce, travel and tourism, roles in transportation are only going to become more crucial. For example, working as an electrical engineer in transportation would involve providing technical support, engineering solutions and transport advisory – all of which are important for the variety of rail and rolling stock projects. Therefore, a career in transportation means professionals will have the chance to be involved in large-scale projects and develop strong client relationships.


There’s no shortage of challenges in the transportation industry. For example, if you secure a role as a designer, you could be involved in designing plans for the electrification of transport and supervising work during construction. There’s also the challenge of maintaining a positive relationship with external customers and handling difficult clients. In the broader context, there are major challenges for supply chains, that will affect transportation. This includes concerns around the environmental impact of logistics and freight. Transportation businesses will need to identify solutions to mitigate risks and further damage to the environment. With these challenges, it’s an exciting time to move into transportation and contribute to a rapidly changing industry.


In the transportation industry, there’s a lot of variety. Atkins works on a range of different projects, so professionals will be able to add value in an array of different areas. Choosing a career in transportation means you’ll be learning about freight, as well industrial, manufacturing, logistics and retailing because all these industries are linked together. As a result, you’ll be interacting with many different people, which can improve your interpersonal skills and improve your long-term career prospects as you’ll be building a large network. 

Why not start your transportation career at Atkins?

If you’re looking to secure a role in transportation, Atkins has a great range of opportunities. We partner with a range of different clients and candidates around the world, providing quality solutions and career pathways. We support our people and give them opportunities to thrive and make a real difference to people, society and the environment. We’re committed to delivering the best solutions to those we work with and helping develop our candidates in the process. Browse our latest transportation jobs in APAC today or sign up for job alerts to stay up-to-date with every opportunity.