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Insights Five reasons you should work in the nuclear industry

It’s an exciting time to work in the nuclear industry in Canada. Over the past few years, nuclear power has undergone a dramatic reputational shift across the country as more people realize its potential to generate much-needed clean energy. A November 2022 Angus Reid poll found that 57% of those surveyed said they support further nuclear development in Canada.

Currently, around 15% of Canada's electricity is derived from nuclear power. The country is home to 19 CANDU®reactors, 18 of which are in Ontario, providing 13.6 GWe of power capacity – that’s about 60% of Ontario’s electricity, day in and day out. AtkinsRéalis is the steward of this amazing Canadian technology. 

Canada has long been a leader in nuclear research and technology, and the industry is only predicted to grow. Here are just five reasons you should consider engineering jobs within Canada’s nuclear market.

Reason 1: You’ll work with a diverse mix of people 

As Canada’s nuclear industry grows and transforms, more organizations will be looking for top talent, regardless of experience or background. As a result, you’re likely to work with a diverse group of people from a wide variety of backgrounds and skill sets. That gives you many chances to learn from professionals with skills you may not otherwise encounter.

Reason 2: The opportunities are diverse

Since the nuclear energy field is on a journey, professionals working in this field get to experience a career without limits. In addition to working with innovative technologies, you’ll often be invited to work on projects around the country or abroad, as well as to attend international conferences and training. For instance, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about and work on Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), considered the future of nuclear energy. SMRs require less investment, less space, and more safety.

Reason 3: You’ll earn a competitive salary 

As the demand for nuclear engineers grows, companies are offering better salaries and more benefits. You’ll be well-compensated for your education, skill, and experience.

Even better, Canadian nuclear jobs offer long-term job security. That's because more projects and workstreams are scheduled to continue for the coming decades, and the industry has widespread political and public support. Canada is a stable and safe country where you can have a long and successful career.

Reason 4: You’ll have the chance to solve problems on a large scale

As a nuclear project manager or nuclear civil engineer, you’ll use your creative thinking to solve problems that could have an impact on a large scale. Nuclear energy benefits huge numbers of people in Canada and around the world, and it relies on the quick thinking and long-term planning of nuclear engineers like you. You’ll also have the chance to embrace (and even lead) the industry’s digital transformation using robotics and AI. When you solve a problem, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference to millions of people. It’s just all in a day’s work.

Reason 5: You’ll play a part in building a more sustainable future

Finally, you’ll help design a greener future. One of the most significant benefits of nuclear jobs is playing a role in building a better future for our planet and its people. Amidst the global climate crisis, nuclear energy is one of the safest and greenest ways to reach global net zero goals.

Working in nuclear for AtkinsRéalis in Canada allows you to shape a greener, healthier, and more sustainable future for the planet.

Environment-conscious candidates are at home at AtkinsRéalis

You can make a difference at AtkinsRéalis . There is no place better for environment-conscious candidates like you to advance your career than at this forward-thinking world leader in nuclear energy.

The AtkinsRéalis Group is a globally respected company regarded for engineering, procurement, and construction services. Our businesses include AtkinsRéalis , Atkins, Faithful+Gould, and Acuity and our professionals are helping us meet our goal of being an organization that has an impact.

If you’re interested in an engineering career within the nuclear industry, start by browsing nuclear jobs or signing up to hear about the latest opportunities.